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Communicating internal business content around the world at speed.

Client: Cimpress

Project: Internal communications and global distribution

Platform: Imagen Pro

Maintaining business agility and staying ahead through better video management. 

Cimpress (parent company of Vistaprint) produce hundreds of videos each year – many need to be accessed by employees all over the world, at times very shortly after the video is created.

Using Imagen as its internal video sharing platform, Cimpress host hundred of videos for their global workforce of 6,500 employees in 40 offices around the world. The content ranges in style and size, from CEO messages, to business presentations, product demonstrations, company successes and achievements, and ‘telepresence’ meetings where confidential information is sometimes shared.

The flexibility of Imagen’s video platform means Cimpress can tailor it to its needs, from matching the company’s brand requirements to configuring user group permissions for sensitive content.

Key features

  • Internal video sharing platform
  • Easy access for 6,400 employees in 40 offices worldwide
  • Granular access controls manage access to sensitive data
  • Access using company Single Sign On
  • One point of access for staff worldwide
  • Easy publishing of features content on homepage
  • Advanced search or faceted simple search
  • Reduces burden on corporate IT Infrastructure
  • Rapid delivery of time sensitive content to staff globally

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