Client: CV Global

Project: Global Media Distribution

Revolutionising the way global users connect with content

CV Global is a not-for-profit Christian body that aims to assist organizations and local churches in their evangelistic endeavours to introduce people to the Christian faith through the effective use of media.

Working with teams around the world, CV Global oversees and supports the production of new content for their media platforms, which includes a mobile application, broadcast radio and social media.

As its library of content scaled, CV Global needed a video management solution that would accommodate this growth, in addition to supporting a new initiative to promote and deliver this library of content to external organisations online.

The Opportunity

The existing method of content storage and distribution involved using cloud-based tools, such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Canto Flight. While such platforms are fine for storing files, the folder structure makes search and navigation complicated. The lack of metadata tagging, plus the fact that multiple cloud storage platforms were employed, meant that often the only person who knew where specific content was located was the original uploader.

Cloud storage solutions also presented problems when it came to the need for scalability. As CV Global produced more and higher-quality content, the need for a storage solution that could scale beyond 1TB without incurring significant additional costs was important.

Finally, in line with a request from CV Global’s founder to create a website that could help to promote and distribute content directly, a requirement for the new solution was to enable a direct web-based method of accessing and downloading content. Importantly, such a system needed to include a comprehensive permissions structure so that internal and external users could be assigned the appropriate authorisations.

The Solution

The Imagen platform satisfies the two core requirements of a video management solution and web portal. It allows for the storage all of CV Global’s content in a single, easy-to-manage, online solution, with the ability to scale as the content library grows larger. This aspect alone is a vast improvement on the previous cloud storage system, and it also means that other issues, such as accidental deletion of folders, are no longer a concern.

In terms of online access, Imagen’s web-based portal allows internal and external parties to all view and download content directly. This is possible due to the granular permissions structure, which allows CV Global to tightly control access to content on a per-user basis.

“The Imagen platform has greatly expanded our ability to deliver our content to churches and Christian organisations all over the world,” said Dan Price, Content Manager at CV Global. “Our partners find it easy to use and appreciate that it’s free to use too. Any church can join; they just register and then the rest is self-service, which is a perfect fit for our needs.”

Another key benefit of the Imagen platform is that content can now be organised, catalogued and tagged inside one system. Videos can also be associated with supporting content, such as scripts, images and alternative audio tracks, and the detailed metadata means that search and discovery has significantly improved. This helps CV Global’s partner organisations and churches to distribute content locally, for example by using the scripts to re-dub videos into other languages.

In fact, the Imagen platform’s ease-of-use encourages such collaborative efforts, where new or updated versions of content produced by partner organisations can be uploaded and used by others, blurring the
lines between the original producer and the audience. Importantly, all content remains watermarked by CV Global, and this can be added directly within the platform.

Finally, Imagen has allowed CV Global to incorporate and blend its video platform into its existing website themes and templates. Importantly, this means that content could be promoted whilst ensuring the user experience remained consistent.

Key Features

  • Scalable storage
  • Granular permission structures
  • Enables collaboration
  • Detailed metadata tagging
  • Fits into established website templates
  • Intuitive web-based portal

"The Imagen platform has greatly expanded our ability to deliver our content to churches and Christian organisations all over the world."

Dan Price, Content Manager, CV Global

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