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Client: Team Rubicon

Project: A central repository for all Team Rubicon’s finished video content

Platform: Imagen Pro

How Team Rubicon Boosted Its Fundraising Potential With Imagen

Team Rubicon is a humanitarian organisation, set up in 2010 by two Marines who helped bring aid to the people of Haiti after a devastating earthquake. What started as an eight-strong team of military veterans, first responders and medical professionals has grown into a movement with over 150,000 volunteers.

The problem

“When I joined Team Rubicon, there were 50,000 photos and terabytes of video footage, and it was scattered across hard drives. They were third party production companies and different producers. You can imagine how hard it was to find content.

I found myself spending most of my time distributing content - creating SharePoint folders or Dropbox folders and sharing assets out one at a time. This manual process of distribution was not sustainable.”


Team Rubicon needed a solution that could centralise video and images in one secure place, where they could tag it for fast retrieval, deploy different group permissions and take advantage of self-service distribution. More than that, Team Rubicon wanted a flexible solution the whole organisation could use effectively, from the core team to the volunteers, sponsors and partners.

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