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5 types of video library (which one works for you?)

By: Lydia Bird

What does a video library look like? In the past, it might have been a physical location, such as a cupboard full of video tapes. Today, it might be more of a concept, one haphazardly integrated across DVDs, hard disks and shared Dropbox folders.

What does your video library look like? Do you even have one? How long would it take you to find a specific piece of footage if a colleague or client needed it right now? These are all valid questions worth asking, especially as businesses everywhere embark on digital transformation initiatives designed to bring their systems and processes up to date.

Video libraries have transformed too, from store-and-forget archives (used for reference only) to dynamic, cloud-hosted media platforms that enable you to actively manage your content. After all, the rise in video usage across sport, media and enterprise is not only making new demands on content producers, it’s opening up new opportunities to reuse, remix, share and even monetise valuable assets.

Our infographic, 5 types of video library (which one works for you?), lists five types of video storage from the most basic to the most advanced, from those that are inefficient to those that let you make the most of your content.

Click the image below to view the full infographic (PDF).

Interested to find out how a Media Asset Management system provides a single repository for storing and managing video and multi-media files?

Where basic digital asset management systems are no longer viable for such large media libraries, media asset management systems are built from the ground up; offering the capacity and processing power required to unify the content chain across multiple and diverse systems. In this way, content is easier to archive, find and monetise – encouraging business efficiency and supporting operational workflows.

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