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The benefits of retaining ALL your video footage

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To understand why it’s a good idea to store all raw video footage and make it available for reuse, consider for a moment this fascinating story from movie director Ridley Scott:

“I had finished ‘Blade Runner’ and it was a disaster,” he said. “My investors were giving me a really hard time, saying ‘You can’t end the film with picking up a piece of origami, looking at the girl, walk in the elevator, nod, and bingo that’s it.’ I said, ‘It’s called a film noir.’ And they said, ‘What’s a film noir?’ That was a big problem. And he said, ‘We have to test this with an uplifting ending, where they will go off into the wilderness together.’”

This meant that Scott, through gritted teeth, had to find some footage for this alternative ending option to satisfy the demands of his backers. And he had to do it fast, without going back on the road to shoot. Luckily, he knew that his friend Stanley Kubrick had plenty of pastoral footage from his recent filming for The Shining. In fact, Kubrick had 17 hours of potential material that been shot from a helicopter. Gratefully, Scott used some of it to complete his work on Blade Runner.

This story demonstrates amply that filmmakers produce far more content than they can actually use – and they’re not the only ones; this could happen in any media production scenario. If all of that additional content is stored appropriately, it can turn out to be very useful indeed.

Can you think of a corporate video project you’ve been involved with that could have benefitted in a similar way? We’re sure you can, because if you’re involved in video production you’ll know how much footage is captured versus how much makes the final edit; it may not be as much as an obsessive movie director like Stanley Kubrick might produce, but it’s a lot. Couldn’t all of that footage be re-used, saving your company significant time and money when something similar needs to be produced again?

As the use of video in business continues to rise, and production values increase accordingly, organisations are now capturing larger volumes of footage; often even using multiple cameras to shoot scenes from different angles. In the process, hours of footage is produced that could easily be used by someone else in the future; that footage can, and should be saved for future use by your team, by partners, or by international colleagues. They may not be Ridley Scott, but they’ll certainly get good value from it, and your company will benefit from not having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ on shoots so often.

The problem, unfortunately, is that many companies currently don’t have the capacity to store all the raw footage they or their colleagues produce. The knock-on effect is that often, only the final edits of content will be archived.

Thankfully there is a solution, and at Imagen it’s one we’re well used to providing. Our media management platform is cloud-based, which means we can provide clients with a scalable platform that is able to cope easily with cost-effectively storing huge volumes of video. You can also file and label the footage using tags and metadata, so no matter how much footage you have it’s really easy to search for and share with different locations seamlessly. You need never cast footage aside again, or waste time finding that perfect shot just when it’s needed to save the day.

To find out more, request a demo of the Imagen platform or get in touch. We also recommend this paper on building your business case for a media management platform, which gives you many more reasons to consider a better and more efficient way of managing all your multimedia assets.

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