Your Essential Reading List this Christmas

By: Jack Cammish

Planning to catch up on some reading over the December break? Christmas is the perfect time to stuff your face with food, before sitting back and relaxing with a great read. Take a look at our list for some of the best insights into the video management world. 

Our Christmas list includes:

Squeezing Every Last Drop of Value from your Video Assets

The latest Raconteur Report explores the direction of video management and its repercussions for sports, media and enterprise organisations.

From Boomers to Gen Z, the Changing Viewing Habits of the Sports Superfan

Sport transcends age groups in building communities around team but there is a growing divide in how it is consumed. Our report indicates a seismic generational shift in fans’ relationship with content.

How to Embrace Video for a Connected and Productive Workforce

Flexible and agile ways of working have become the norm. Show your team how to deliver video across your organisation to increase engagement and facilitate modern ways of working.

Content is Queen – Digital Lessons from Women’s Sports

Download our exclusive ebook to explore the relationship between content distribution, new digital channels and the rise of women’s sports.

Season’s greetings from all of us at Imagen – see you all in the New Year!

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