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Esports: The Broadcasting revolution has arrived

By: Lydia Bird

Esports is big business (and getting bigger)

What was once seen as a peculiar underground activity is fast becoming a rival to traditional sporting events in terms of global audience reach, revenue generated and prize money on offer.

The esports industry has been on the rise year on year, with many predicting the current isolation measures could provide an extra boost.

Celebrities, brands and traditional sports are already jumping on the bandwagon to further reach and engage with their fans.

Our exclusive report explores the lessons we can learn from the professional gaming industry and why it is here to stay.  

In this report you will discover:


  • Why esports doesn’t have to rely on lockdown to overtake mainstream sports
  • What sport can learn from the phenomenal growth of esports
  • The implications for brands and sponsors

Download this exclusive report today.

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