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How to manage your content archive storage requirements

By: Spyros Poulis

Are you looking at how to get the most out of your video archive or grappling with the challenge of where to store it?

Find out how NBA, MLB and NHL are dealing with the problems of ever-expanding volumes of content, with the arrival of 4K and HDR, and are finding a happy medium between on-premise and the cloud.  

Imagen’s Tom Blake sat on the panel at an SVG New York event alongside these top sports organisations to debate The Big Archive Question: Where do I store my stuff?

With more content being created every single year and file sizes continuing to grow with the arrival of 4K and HDR, this question has never been bigger. The panel discussed finding a happy medium between on-premise and the cloud, file-format and codec considerations, retention policies and the question of keeping/discarding physical tapes, and much more.

If you’re grappling with similar challenges, learn from leaders in the sports world by watching the recording from the Storage and Archive Planning panel discussion at SVG NY Content Management Forum.  

With thanks to Sports Video Group for permission to use the video. 


Tom Blake, Imagen, Commercial Director 

Chris Halton, NBA, SVP, Media Technology and Operations 

Adam Japhet, Major League Baseball, Senior Director of Corporate Infrastructure 

Grant Nodine, NHL, SVP, Technology 

Alex Grossman, DataCore, VP, Product Management and Product Marketing 


Tab Butler, SVG Sports Content Management Committee, Former Chairman 

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