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Why does your business need a corporate newsroom?

By: Lydia Bird

Video has become an indispensable commodity in today’s corporate world, and it has permeated every aspect of the user experience. Providing the world’s media with a superior experience, a broad choice of content and accelerated file delivery represents an unmissable opportunity in an incredibly competitive marketplace. Despite the popularity, prevalence and importance of video when it comes to PR and media coverage however, recent reports have identified a major issue – that the vast majority of corporate newsrooms and media centres are failing to meet the needs of journalists and media broadcasters, with only an incredibly small 6% meeting expectations.

In an age of insta-media, your business can’t afford to lag behind. Whether you’re a car manufacturer, pharma giant, sports broadcaster or corporate enterprise, you need to be at the forefront of the in-house media centre scene. And you need to be working with a company which knows how to optimize your assets and bring your newsroom to life.

Here’s why:

PR Coverage

PR is arguably the most powerful form of awareness your business can have and no company can afford to ignore it. Being able to provide a deep, broad variety of content to media contacts instantly, at broadcast quality, puts you at a huge advantage.

According to a recent survey, 95% of journalists access an online corporate newsroom at least monthly, with 41% of those relying solely on a company’s website to provide all the media collateral required. 80% of journalists who took part in the survey said they would actively seek out a company’s newsroom if it met expectation. The opportunity here is therefore huge. Your corporate newsroom, or corporate media centre, must be searchable, credible and reliable; it needs to make a journalist’s life easier. If you provide a seamless, hassle-free user experience then you’ll be top of the list next time an opportunity comes up. Likewise, the more comprehensive your digital assets, the more opportunities there are for PR coverage, and you can become a go-to contact for broadcasters, producers and journalists.

Brand Development

The quality of your corporate media centre is a direct reflection of your brand, its values, its story and its priorities. By providing a trusted, consistent brand voice you can control and influence the impression that others have of your brand, while conveying quality of production and asset management. It’s a hugely beneficial string to your brand identity bow, and puts you at the forefront of media interaction and opportunity. Unlike some digital asset management platforms, with Imagen you get full control over branding as well, so your corporate newsroom becomes a seamless extension of your existing website. It will look and feel like part of your business, because it is – and it has been designed to be slick and user-friendly, removing any obstacles between access and exposure.


A recent survey by HubSpot Research has shown that marketers incorporating video will grow revenue up to 49% faster than non-video users. Web pages with video keep people there an average of 2.6 times longer than those without. The report also states that over half of all marketers rate video as having the highest ROI of any marketing collateral. It’s big business, and it’s going to stay that way for the foreseeable future.

While marketing often goes hand in hand with PR, a professional and well-managed corporate media centre will offer wider advantage. You have comprehensive breadth and depth of content that’s fully searchable, instantly available 24/7 and provided at broadcast quality, meaning agencies and internal stakeholders, as well as external media contacts, have instant and secure access to your digital assets. Flexible access options also allow you to foster relationships with influencers in your market, working with bloggers or other social media contacts to provide them with “behind the scenes” access to boost engagement, providing valuable opportunities for awareness. Browser based editing tools enable permitted users to clip, share and download high-resolution media. Fast. Which all add up to richer, broader content marketing and a more agile response rate to new marketing opportunities.


Connect your media with internal and external stakeholders to improve collaboration and corporate communications via a secure, easy to access platform. Both internal and external communications become slick, professional and straightforward, helping suppliers, staff, customers and media stay informed, entertained or influenced.

Our set up allows for optimised syndication and collaboration, enabling users to create comments, syndicate via social media and share collections and clips with colleagues or press. It’s simple, and it’s totally secure.

Analysis and information

Setting up your corporate newsroom is important, but we also provide detailed analytics to show you how it has been accessed and ingested. Simple to use dashboards deliver audience insight via up to the minute information on usage and engagement rates so you know exactly how your media is being used, and by whom.

You can see what’s working and where opportunities lie – information is power, and your corporate newsroom will be set up to give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your digital assets.

Reputation Management

Having your corporate newsroom at best-in-class standards puts you in a powerful position to react quickly to any coverage, even negative. You’re more able to uphold your brand values consistently and effectively. It can also be a great advantage when other businesses in your sector come under fire, as your digital assets are instantly available as a comparison, throwing you into a more positive light. After all, all’s fair in love and business.

Staying ahead of the competition

Being better than the competition from a press or media perspective will always give you the edge in coverage and exposure, positioning you as a trusted industry leader and a go-to contact. This is the cutting edge of media awareness, and it’s a space you can’t afford to ignore.

Engagement / user experience

The better and smoother the experience for media contacts who access your media centre, the more likely they are to return. People like to have a personal relationship with a brand and your media centre gives them the exclusivity that really drives engagement and brand loyalty. And with flexible access options keeping you in full control over who accesses what, you have the chance to give exclusive or differentiated access rights across a broad media environment.

The user gets a seamless experience from your corporate website, accessing your newsroom as easily as visiting a page on your site. No clunky emailing of large files or sending links to third party file transfer sites. You have full branding control, so every part of the user’s journey is in keeping with their experience of your brand as a whole. Rich, responsive content provides rapid navigation and multiple playback options, all of which enhances the user experience and ensures a superior media interaction for all.
Best in class digital asset management

Not every video management platform has the resource and capability to successfully support a business on any scale in its mission to create a market-leading corporate newsroom. But we can. We work with you to protect your media, control access, remove bottlenecks and drive efficiencies across your entire organisation.

We’ll help you future-proof your media assets through digitisation and optimised management, as well as monetise those assets where relevant. We offer market leading searchability and cataloguing, as well as accelerated file transfer which makes life easier for everyone you’re sharing your media with. HubSpot’s survey found that the average business now publishes around 18 new videos every month; it’s easy to see how quickly the volumes involved can become problematic. We work with vast quantities of video every day, so you can be confident we will be able to handle anything you throw at us, from thousands of hours of sports footage to entire channels of programming. This is what we do.

Experienced partner in media asset optimisation

We know how people want to access media, and we ensure that everything from file type options to user experience are optimised from the word go, exactly how journalists and media broadcasters need it to be. We’re here to help and advise every step of the way. We have the technology and expertise to make accessing even vast amounts of video content into a seamless, user-friendly experience as an extension of your brand; searchable, flexible, accessible, and always of a premium quality.

Want to know a media asset management platform could help your business? Get in touch with our team today.

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