Imagen proud to join this year's SVG Summit

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New York, USA – 11 December, 2017 – Imagen attended the SVG Summit in New York. The event brought together over 1000 attendees from across the industry for two days of discussions addressing the state of the game in sports production.

We were honoured that Louise Lawler, Series Producer at WTA Media, was available to join us at the event to present the case study – “First Service! How WTA’s Asset- Distribution Platform for Broadcast Partners Increases Efficiency and ROI.”

During the session, Louise explained that WTA Media Portal, provides a “near-live media centre” for their broadcast client’s licensing needs. With broadcast clients worldwide, the system offers a central repository to access a wide range of content that WTA Media produces. The portal offers intuitive search and browsing of assets, with the ability to access and download broadcast ready video.

Clients accessing the Imagen powered site receive an RSS feed direct to their email every time a new media asset has been uploaded, even if they’re not logged into the portal. WTA can review usage using Imagen’s User Analytics feature to find out what their clients are using and, more importantly, what they are not. With this valuable insight into customer engagement, they are able to more successfully plan and create compelling content for their broadcast partners.

WTA Media Portal not only enables secure access to valuable content, it provides an elegant delivery system that has been fully branded to reflect the high standards and quality associated with the tournament itself. The process of content retrieval has been optimised to provide rapid access to specific moments in just a few clicks.

WTA Media and many of our customers require a solution that will act as a central repository for all of their content. The challenge was to improve content management and discovery for increased speed to market through their broadcast partners. Our cloud based, distributed platform enables us to quickly deploy and scale with our customers growing needs.

Imagen joins the SVG Best Practices in the Cloud Panel Discussion

Imagen joined this year’s panel discussion – Best Practices in the Cloud: Virtualisation, Microservices, and the Changing Face of Sports Production – to explore how cloud-based technologies are changing the entire video-production eco-system.

The lively debate provided attendees with an understanding of the current state of the cloud and other storage technologies. A discussion featuring industry leaders examined some current use cases of cloud-based systems and the obstacles they face.

Some of the key points that were discussed included the agility of the cloud and how virtualisation is helping to optimise resource allocation and reducing delivery costs.

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