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What is the problem with YouTube?

By: Lydia Bird

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Still reading? Is something worrying you about trusting your valuable video to YouTube? Fear – that’s a healthy instinct. Let’s express that feeling as a top ten list of YouTube fails.

YouTube uses progressive downloads

That means the file is downloaded to your cache or can be ripped by third party tools – in essence, your content is not secure and is easy to steal and distribute. Imagen streams small chunks on request which breaks up the file – that means the file can’t be easily downloaded as a whole – it is a true streaming delivery.

YouTube visitors engage with the YouTube brand

Not yours – and there’s a million directions they can take from any one video – and it all happens within YouTube. Imagen allows you to customise the customer experience completely – from curated content, latest news and supporting information – all within the confines of a branded environment.

YouTube does not store your original or highest resolution file

You may well be able to stream HD content in YouTube but it won’t store broadcast resolution masters – or even preserve your original file.

YouTube has relatively simple access controls

Imagen has advanced access controls – (including single sign on) which define permission for who can see your content and what they can do with it – at a granular level. YouTube does not give you the same degree of control.

YouTube can spin up rival brands

For example, if you look for a review of a specific laptop, when it’s finished it can easily spin up a rival as a related video – Imagen sticks with your content only.

YouTube can spin up negative content

Search for a brand – a bank for example – and watch the glossy promo. Then look at the related videos down the side and see dozens of homespun videos from angry customers complaining that the bank foreclosed their business. YouTube contains a large amount of garbage and dubious content. Imagen is all about your brand and your content – you control the message… and you can be sure about the quality and integrity of the video.

YouTube interrupts with adverts

Your Imagen system is ad-free and doesn’t annoy your visitors.

YouTube doesn’t have editing capabilities

Imagen has frame precise clipping allowing users to find the content they need and then order high res clips for download (assuming they have the permission to do that).

YouTube does not offer licensing options

OK – YouTube offers many ways to monetize content – but only Imagen allows users to license content through micro payments – as well set up payment gateways for subscription based VOD access (like YouTube).

YouTube does not support complex metadata schemas

YouTube remains very simplistic, at best there is a title, date and description. Imagen allows you to create as many fields as you like to describe your media – it also has some world class tools for rapid cataloguing and bulk ingesting content.

Imagen manages media for some of the world’s biggest brands, preserving large collections of video for the long term and enabling controlled access and distribution through a secure, scalable, highly customizable web platform.

Featuring powerful ingest workflows and full asset management, Imagen Video Platform provides a convenient and cost-effective way to manage media content without the need for hardware expenditure and hosting expertise.

Imagen delivers a premium performance for premium content – allowing customers to search entire video libraries in seconds, playback proxies, create edits, run workflows and download high resolution content.

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