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Making the most of sporting media assets with intelligent automation

By: Anna Cotton

Live sport is one of the most compelling viewer experiences available. Live stats, match commentary, goal clips, replays and live strategy discussions enhance the viewer experience.

The growth in content creation has seen exponential growth as a result. For example, Euro 2020 was available in 229 territories via 137 broadcast partners, and it had as many as 36 match coverage cameras in each stadium with an additional eight native UHD-HDR cameras at each game. Each camera captured footage that needed to be immediately processed and stored for distribution, making 2,000 hours of production available to global broadcasters. 

It’s an illustration of just how media managers are dealing with more content, generated in greater volume than ever before, in an ever-decreasing time period. 

‘Live’ has the greatest value

Not only is there more content, but the window of opportunity – where ‘live’ has its greatest value – is increasingly moving towards real-time. In parallel, the range of interested parties, from sponsors to media partners to a brand’s own social channels has also increased exponentially, making the ability to ingest, tag and manage live content as fast and accurately as possible a crucial part of sporting content management. 

The power of live is just one end of the value equation, as the value of archive footage has also seen a considerable increase. A good example here is ATP Media, the global sales, production and distribution arm of the ATP Tour. Its archive dates back to 1990 and includes full match action, behind the scenes footage and interviews. All of which is hugely valuable, both as assets that can be licensed and for protecting the legacy of the sport. 

Meanwhile, new content is arriving all the time, which is why ATP Media is using Imagen’s media asset management (MAM) platform to manage and activate its content.

Secure and centralised storage

A central premise in making the most of your sporting media assets is to ensure that content – whether past, present or indeed future – is securely stored, both in the original raw format and currently usable formats. 

Assets need to be as fully described as possible, via tags and metadata, so that recall, rediscovery and distribution of assets is as intuitive and seamless as possible. Finally, the system must be able to share the final assets with media partners, sponsors or internal departments and individuals as needed, in the required format and resolution, so that external partners and fans can get the content they need with ease and speed.

In the ‘Manage every Moment’ report, we explore how to:

  • Manage video moments from the past and present so you can get them out to stakeholders with ease and speed
  • Manage broadcast footage with intelligent automation
  • Bring the moments that matter to fans, sponsors and partners – fast

The fact is that sports content managers are living through an era of unprecedented growth and innovation. Today’s fans, partners and sponsors need speed, accessibility and ease when they are taking your content. That is only possible with a solution that enables straightforward onboarding of content, intelligent tagging, and simple partner access to the moments they need, when they need them. 

To discover the three key pillars that will help maximise the effectiveness of your video content operation, download the free ‘Manage Every Moment’ report today!

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