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Can Digital Tools Really Nurture Creativity?

By: Lydia Bird

Many marketing professionals are currently being held back by the time wasted on numerous administrative tasks – too much time spent in meetings, working with inefficient tools, or hunting for the right versions of files. Our survey of 300 marketing and creative professionals revealed the biggest frustration for 29% of UK-based marketing professionals (24% in the US) is not having the time to be creative at work.

As our infographic here shows, file storage problems and version control can dilute the creative process, with a significant number of respondents reporting difficulties working with large files. The solution is to invest in a DAM like Imagen Go, a smart, AI powered platform that removes the complexity of managing your digital assets. But while 30% of UK respondents in the survey believe that DAM platforms can make asset management more efficient, 24% don’t currently use one, compared to just 9% of US respondents. 

When creativity comes second to administration, it’s time to make a change. Keep scrolling to view our infographic and see highlights from the survey results.

Looking for information on the go? You can download our UK findings infographic and US findings infographic through the following links.

Creativity infographic report

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