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Drowning in duplication? That's Dupli


By: Lydia Bird

With a lack of coordination on creative projects and no one quite sure where the latest versions are stored, it’s not surprising that marketing teams waste time doubling up on creative tasks and produce multiple copies of the same thing. And which file is the final, final version anyway? Who’s responsible? Meet Dupli, one of our five Creatures of Chaos.

Like a recurring nightmare, the big ‘send’ button is daring you to push it. It’s Friday, 7pm and you want to go home and have a big glass of red. It’s been a tough week, creating the big campaign you’re about to push over the top.

You already crashed through the official delivery deadline an hour ago – but there’s still time to sneak it over the line – if you do it now.

You take a deep breath and gulp, finger hovering above the mouse. Are you ready to send off your annual report to a print run of ten thousand? Are you ready to post a download link to your industry disrupting whitepaper? Are you ready to send your client’s big budget ad to the broadcaster for national playout?  A bead of sweat traces down your temple and you ask yourself one more time…


You know – the final, final, final version. The one incorporating the last-minute request from your CEO, the one with the logo update and the typo fix that sorted out the embarrassing ‘Pure Genious’ headline that was hiding in plain sight. Is this really that final version?

Do you check through it again for the tenth time today? Will your eyes even pick up any mistakes right now? Or go home, hit the wine and forget about it – until Monday morning when you’ll face the consequences of a missed deadline…

Will you face your fear and hit the damn send button?

You thought this recurring nightmare of version tracking and file duplication just came with the territory; the burden that belongs to the marketing team, the price you pay for pursuing a creative career.

But no. it’s actually Dupli causing you the stress and sleepless nights. Say hello to Dupli – one of the five Creatures at Chaos that’s making your life a misery right now.

Say hello to Dupli

Creative projects are rarely straightforward. They often go back, forth and round and round as feedback is collected from stakeholders and clients. Coordinating those changes can be a real headache, particularly when new versions are generated in response to feedback.

That problem quickly becomes multi-dimensional when Marketing teams are required to generate additional variants for multiple channels. Each piece of content may need to be reformatted for size, aspect ratio and language. Tracking the progress of all these different assets can be a real chore and reduces the time available to be creative, and worse still, leads to confusion and mistakes.

Without a central organising store for projects and a simple way to monitor progress, it’s easy to lose track of where the various versions of files are kept. It’s not surprising so much effort and content is duplicated.

Introducing Imagen Go

Imagen Go removes the headache of version control by providing one central organising store to coordinate production assets and creative team members. Users can create projects and save related files in one logical space for each campaign. Team members can be invited to collaborate on projects with one click for a more efficient way of working.

In-app and email notifications keep your colleagues and clients on the same page so everyone is aware of the changes taking place. They can add annotations on the video timeline or add mark up to images to explain the changes that need to be made.

Most importantly of all, Imagen Go gives you version labelling so you know what’s what at every stage of the project – and then finally when you’re good to go, project status controls let’s everyone know you’re ready to publish, promote and smash those campaign targets.

It’s simple really. Don’t let Dupli ruin your day with version control chaos. When you’re surrounded by Dupli’s dreaded duplication, there’s one clear solution – and that’s Imagen Go – and you can try it for free right here, right now.  


  • Organise content into projects
  • Add comments and tag team members
  • Add annotations to video and images for clearer feedback
  • Receive In app and email notifications
  • Invite internal and external team members
  • Share links with colleagues and stakeholders
  • Clear and simple version controls
  • Review and approval status
  • Less admin headaches means more time being creative
  • Better coordination of files and people mean campaigns complete on/ahead of time
  • Reduce the likelihood of file duplication (save time and money)
  • Reduce chance of incorrect file being published (limit damage to brand/client relationship)
  • Professional engagement and account management with clients and partners

Imagen Go

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