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Premium content deserves a premium viewing experience

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Creating quality video content is an expensive business, so there is often a lot riding on how a reviewer or media buyer judges it.

If you need people to spread the word about your content, or be impressed enough to invest in it, the way these decision makers encounter your content for the first time needs to be good. It might seem obvious. Yet, when content is sent out into the wild, it’s often without the same care and attention to detail that was used to create it.

Usually, content companies don’t have the time, or the budget, to create and mail out protected DVD ‘screeners’ for each piece of content they produce. Physical copies of pre-release content are expensive to produce, often prohibitively so. For example, back in 2016, Netflix hit the headlines by sending out a 20lb parcel of DVD box sets to Emmy Television Academy members. Insiders estimated that it cost as much as $4 million to produce and ship them all. Read the full article at IndieWire

A more advanced option is to upload content to third-party streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo. Or, in an even less secure method of dispatch, content files are sent out using third-party sharing systems like Dropbox or WeTransfer.

In both cases, the content owner has little or no control over how their content is being viewed. With the latter, once a recipient has downloaded a copy of a shared file onto their hard drive, you have no influence over their choice of video viewer, its default viewing settings or what they do with the file after that.

Remember, YouTube’s not your tube

On a third-party video-streaming service, you also have no control over how the file is compressed when uploaded or streamed. Perhaps more importantly, the decision on what other content surrounds your video, or the content that’s auto-suggested once it ends (or automatically starts playing afterwards), is down to the video service.

Picture the scene, the hero is just about to declare his love, or the striker has just lined up for a potentially winning goal, and a 10-second un-skippable advert about breakfast cereal starts playing. This is annoying enough on commercial TV, but it’s is a real no-no in a reviewing scenario.

In an ideal world, you’d want a system where all distractions and interruptions are stripped away. You’d want a system that allows you to use your own branding, provide associated notes and files for easy reference and extra information, even control the compression of the file being viewed; a system that gives you total control over who has access to content and when.

Make your reviewers’ lives easier

Convenience is incredibly important to busy reviewers and media execs, so it pays to make them happy. In these days of instantly accessible video streaming services, the idea of waiting for content to be delivered can be a genuine turn-off.

So why wait? Using a Video Management and Distribution platform like Imagen gives you an easily searchable archive of material so that content buyers are more likely to find what you have available. While notifications will let them know about new content sooner. The stats you get from the engagement of each viewer will also allow you to target your content more specifically to match their needs, ensuring you aren’t bombarding them with potentially irrelevant content.

If timeliness is crucial, e.g. for news stories, these notifications can get your content in front of decision makers faster than your competition.

Streaming on your terms

The ability to offer up a branded, distraction-free, high-quality viewing environment, which also offers an explorable archive of potentially monetisable content, is clearly a great way to make a favourable impression to those who matter to your business. Isn’t it time you discarded outmoded ways of getting your content in front of reviewers’ eyes, and treated them instead to a convenient, easy-to-use system they will look forward to using?

You can find out more about the advantages of using a Video Management and Distribution system by downloading our white paper entitled: “The Future of Premium Video Distribution” below.

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