Content Management

What is content management?

Many businesses have media libraries scattered across various storage options (e.g. local computers, optical media and external drives) making them difficult to access and control. Improving and unifying core content management processes will ultimately lead to more efficient utilisation of your content. 

When you need media content and you need it now, you soon discover whether your systems are up to scratch. Here’s what to do if they aren’t.

Imagine this: The new Marketing Manager needs the keynote video from last year’s sales conference and they needed it yesterday. Does anybody know where it is? Anybody?

Cue a hurried rush to the company intranet (no, the video isn’t there…) and then a flurry of suggestions about filenames to search for, DVDs that the content might be archived on and whether anyone knows the password to the old FTP site. Is it on the YouTube channel? No. Dropbox? Can’t see it. Wait! Hold on… Didn’t Jim have an emergency backup drive in his desk drawer? What do you mean Jim doesn’t work here anymore?


Managing high volumes of video content is a complex puzzle. Teams, processes, data and an increasing number of channels make for a cluttered environment that can quickly get out of hand. Yet many organisations are only just discovering the business critical need to store and catalogue growing volumes of video and multi-media files.

Where basic DAM systems are no longer viable for such large media libraries, Media Asset Management systems are built from the ground up; offering the capacity and processing power required to unify the content chain across multiple and diverse systems. In this way, content is easier to store, find and manage—encouraging business efficiency and supporting operational workflows.

Read on to learn how Imagen’s dedicated solution could help you.

Media Asset Management


With over 20 years’ of experience, Imagen helps keep your media secure whilst providing fast and easy access to selected audiences.

Our MAM software helps leading brands to preserve, navigate and distribute their growing media libraries ensuring fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customisable and intuitive web portal.

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BBC Media Action
Ministry of Defence
Premier League

It's time to take control of your assets and demand more from your media

Imagen is the solution for content management

Imagen is the platform of choice for businesses who want to maximise audience engagement through an intuitive, branded interface. Trusted by leading rights holders, broadcasters and businesses, our diverse customer portfolio is a mix of B2B and B2C companies across the sports, media and enterprise sectors. From securely managing sensitive media to delivering broadcast-quality sports coverage around the world, Imagen is as varied and flexible as our customers need it to be. Download our Case Study Guide to find out how a few of them use Imagen to unlock value from their video.

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