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Crisis turned to Opportunity

Galleries, libraries and museums have chosen to increase their digital offerings since the enforced lockdown. Whilst not new, virtual programming may soon become the lifeblood of cultural institutions. 


  • The staggering effect of the pandemic on the GLAM industry in numbers
  • Examples of how world-famous organisations have utilised digital programming during the pandemic 
  • 5 tips for achieving a successful digital shift within your own organisation

Download our playbook to building a successful digital activation plan. 

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Key Features

Secure Storage

All Your Media in One Place.

Keep your media safe and secure, and easily accessible from any connected device. 

  • Video
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Documents
Galleries, libraries and Museums DAM

Powerful Search and Distribution

Find the Content You Need, Fast.

Fast, powerful text-based searching and filtering connects you with the content you need.

  • Search entire archive
  • Granular filtering and sorting
  • Save complex searches
  • Search email notifications
DAM example - BP - Video management and Collaboration

User Permissions

Control Who Sees Your Content.

Granular access controls let you decide who can see your media, and what they can do with it. 

  • Permission sets
  • SSO and email authentication
  • Auto or manual account vetting
  • Session user limit
Digital Asset Management - User Permissions for GLAM

Download the Crisis Turned To Opportunity Guide

Discover how to reach and engage your audiences online with the ultimate guide to digital activation for galleries, museums and libraries. 

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