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Live Connect

Imagen Live Connect provides a secure cloud platform to manage all of your live and archive content, in one place. So, you can get your content to broadcasters, partners and fans, faster.

One source of truth

Manage live and archive in one place

Do you manage the creation, distribution, and storage
of live feeds? If so, you’ll know how many platforms can be involved to get the feed where it needs to go.

Imagen Live Connect streamlines this process, providing one platform to manage, securely share and edit live feeds in real-time.

Built on an intuitive interface, Live Connect is engineered so production professionals and non-technical users can navigate the functionality with ease.

Complete Control

Complete Control

From camera to cloud. Capture and automatically store multiple live feeds via SRT or RTMP for faster access.

Secure Access

Secure Access

Give producers and broadcast partners secure, permission-based
access to download, watch or edit your live content.

Distribution Workflows

Distribution Workflows

Customise, automate and streamline professional content delivery to broadcasters and partners.

You get to choose

Ingest Multiple Camera Angles

The ability to ingest multiple camera angles gives content creators the unique ability to choose what they want to clip, edit and highlight.

So, you can get fresh media to your audiences rapidly.

For example, a user can access multiple camera angle live feeds to:

    • Pinpoint certain actions or people using AI workflows
    • Select and clip certain in and out points of interest
    • Create collections for these clips to export as highlights

Increase efficiency using just one platform to manage live feeds and archive content.

Reduce manual intervention using automated workflows, set up once and forget.

Reduce risk of human error and the misuse of live feeds with secure permissions.

Maximise your productivity

Schedule, capture, edit, store and share your live events in real-time

Revolutionise your media management

Arrange a demonstration to discover how Imagen can unlock your full video potential.

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