Imagen and COVID-19

Imagen and COVID-19

Business as usual

We understand that for many of our clients this isn’t business as usual. We want to reassure our customers that we are closely monitoring the situation. Imagen will remain fully operational and our service will not be impaired.  

Specifically we will maintain:

  • Technical support from our client services team based in the UK and US.
  • 24/7 system monitoring through Imagen’s Prometheus dashboards.
  • All staff, including your account manager, are contactable during normal office hours, via phone, email and e-meeting formats (E:, UK: +44 (0)1954 262 031, USA: +1 332 213 2230).
  • Deployment teams remain committed to delivering current projects on time.
  • Our developers are all set up to continue building the next generation of Imagen features.   

How we can help you

The way we do business today has changed. By investing in a cloud based solution like Imagen, you can future proof your organisation, continue to work remotely and unlock the power of video.

Now is the time to adapt, fast, but you’re not alone. We’ve been helping businesses to connect with the world through video with our intuitive video management platform for over 20 years, so you’re in experienced hands. 

Find out here how Carleton College was set up for online learning in under a week. 

We can help you to thrive, not just survive.

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