Media Asset Management - MAM


A Media Asset Management or MAM system provides a single repository for storing and managing video and multi-media files.

A sub-set of Digital Asset Management—with its origins in the television and film industry—Media Asset Management solutions are well suited to the broadcast industry, but increasingly relied upon by a huge variety of sectors. From television programme producers and government agencies, to media institutions, sports networks, leagues, sports federations, rights holders and brands: in fact, anyone building libraries of digital content.

As complex as requirements can be, the goal of most remains much the same: the safe, future-proof archiving of video and large media files, with simple, efficient and reliable access.


Managing high volumes of video content is a complex puzzle. Teams, processes, data and endlessly increasing channels make for a cluttered environment that can quickly get out of hand. Yet many organisations are only just discovering the business critical need to store and catalogue growing volumes of video and multi-media files.

Where basic DAM systems are no longer viable for such large media libraries, Media Asset Management systems are built from the ground up; offering the capacity and processing power required to unify the content chain across multiple and diverse systems. In this way, content is easier to archive, find and monetise—encouraging business efficiency and supporting operational workflows.

Read on to learn how Imagen’s dedicated solution could help you.

Media Asset Management


With over 20 years’ of experience, Imagen helps keep your media secure whilst providing fast and easy access to selected audiences.

Our MAM software helps leading brands to preserve, navigate and distribute their growing media libraries ensuring fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly-customisable and intuitive web portal.


Do a range of users need access to your video content, including remote workers or 3rd parties? Have you re-purchased assets or re-commissioned a video shoot only to find you already have the content you need? Do you find yourself wasting time lost in a quagmire of content?

If the answer is yes, more than likely your company will see dramatic gains in efficiency, time saving and better workflows with a Media Asset Management solution. It will optimise and future-proof your video libraries, providing a seamless experience that makes life easier for the people who use it, saving time, head scratching and money.


Imagen takes the cost, hassle and complexity out of video management, combining best in class preservation standards and infinite storage capacity, with elegant, intuitive web interfaces for easy search and retrieval.

Manage your media long term: Pioneering digital preservation and online access for video, images and audio. Open up your archive and connect your content with your audience.

Generate revenue from your media: Imagen is ready to take secure credit card payment from your customers and the payment is made directly to you, as content owner. Just create your packages, set pricing, access levels and billing intervals.

Searchable and customisable: Elegant, intuitive web interfaces for easy search and retrieval via a branded website. Play, edit, download and share your media.

Controlled Access: Customers, staff, public or private, Imagen gives you full control over who can access your content and what they can do with it.


Imagen software on two screens

Our browser-based media management software is designed to fit effortlessly around your ways of working, culture, commercial models and technology management.

There is no software to install, users simply login, search for content, then get on with doing what they do best.  With flexible user management you can decide who can upload media, edit the metadata, download content and create comments—while protecting against unauthorised access.

Whether you’re looking to move huge archives of historical assets to digital, or you were digital to begin with — we look to understand your business context and ambitions—and match it to the right MAM solution for you.

Get in touch to find out how our Media Asset Management solution could help you.

Are you looking for a DAM or PAM?

Digital Asset Management

systems provide the functionality to manage large volumes of digital assets. If your main requirement is to store multiple text-based documents in a searchable system, then you probably need a DAM.

Production Asset Management

systems are designed for the production workflow: such as films, animations, and computer games. If you need a system that keeps multiple revisions and versions of digital assets, a PAM is for you.

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