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Media Asset Management - MAM

  • Do a range of users need access to your content, including remote workers and 3rd parties?
  • Have you re-purchased assets, only to find you already have the content? 
  • Do you feel yourself wasting time lost in a quagmire of content? 

If the answer is yes, it’s more than likely your company will see dramatic gains in efficiency, time saving and betters workflows with a Media Asset Management solution. 

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Is MAM right for you?

Features You Should Look For in a MAM Vendor

Secure Storage

All Your Media in One Place.

Keep your media safe and secure, and easily accessible from any connected device. 

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Audio
  • Documents
Endemol Screenshot - MAM

User Permissions

Control Who Sees Your Content.

Granular access controls let you decide who can see your media, and what they can do with it. 

  • Permission Sets
  • SSO or email authentication
  • Auto or manual account vetting
  • Session user limit
Digital Asset Management - User Permissions for GLAM

Custom Interface

Optimise Your Users' Experience

Easily configure Imagen to reflect your brand and provide a seamless, multi-language platform.

  • UI management
  • Themes & widgets
  • Multi-language support
  • Add forms
Media asset management - 6 Day Cycling

Reduce costs, increase speed and efficiency

Bring order to content chaos

Media Asset Management or MAM systems provide a single repository for storing and managing video and multi-media files.

LADbible desperately needed a Media Asset Management solution to manage their vast library of content more efficiently, and in a manner that reflected their globally-renowned brand identity.

Utilising Imagen’s MAM software, LADbible could finally organise its entire library of assets and include accurate metadata for searches. Staff and clients are now able to filter media by the categories they need, such as ‘Fails’, ‘Pets’, ‘Kids’ and so on, eliminating the huge number of hours wasted to unnecessary admin. Check out their full story, here

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