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Flexible Media Management for College and University Institutions. Connect your students and faculty to a cloud-based, centralized repository to easily manage all of your rich media content – including videos, lecture recordings, logos, audio files, presentations, supporting documents, and more.

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Facilitate Remote Learning

Facilitate Remote Learning

Ready-made solution to record, upload, share and deliver your lecture video content to students online.

Quick & Flexible Deployment

Quick & Flexible Deployment

Our specialist team can deploy a secure online video platform in DAYS – built to your specifications.

Detailed Analytics

Detailed Analytics

Faculty staff can get detailed dashboards showing how students are engaging with your educational resources.

Would A Video Platform Help Facilitate Remote Learning & Working At Your Institution?


  • Is your institution operating remotely and practicing social distancing?
  • Are you looking for a way to share and distribute lecture content?
  • Are you looking at online solutions to reach your student body?

If the answer is yes, we would like to offer a pilot license of Imagen’s leading video platform to help you through this global crisis by enabling you to provide an online experience for your university needs.

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