Digital asset management...

…it can be a pain but imagine someone who can:

  • Keep your marketing assets centralized
  • Instantly find content in a few clicks
  • Share digital assets across your regional offices, fast
  • And enable your teams to preview, download, and repurpose video and media files easily

Impossible for a person, maybe. But not for the smartest DAM platform on the market. MEET IMAGEN

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Stop wasting time searching for content in multiple locations. House all your marketing assets, including large video files, in one easy-to-access platform.

Find content quicker

Find content quicker

Forget long folder structures. Powerful searching, flexible filtering and sort controls enable marketers to find content in just a few clicks.

Easy sharing

Easy sharing

Send large files, including video assets, across regional offices quickly and securely with our unique Accelerated File Delivery.


  • Is sharing marketing assets across offices painful?
  • Is it difficult for teams to access and repurpose assets?
  • Is your team fielding too many requests for brand assets?

If you answered yes, it’s more than likely your team will see dramatic gains in productivity, saving time and effort with a Digital Asset Management solution.

Revolutionise your media management

Arrange a demonstration to discover how Imagen can unlock your full video potential.

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