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Introducing Plan B.

A ready-made solution to deliver your event content to registered attendees online during this global crisis.

We specialise in the quick deployment of secure and reliable online video platforms – built to have you serving content to your audience in no time.

For attendees, sponsors and vendors, being able to provide an online space to learn, promote and engage with content as a community, could soften the blow of event cancellations.

We would like to offer our solution to help your event team make use of the great content they had intended to share at events this year, that could otherwise go to waste.

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A 15-minute chat could reduce the impact of this global crisis.

Plan B

A solution to your event uncertainty

Having to adapt quickly to a global crisis?

Even if hard commercial decisions have to be made to ensure audiences stay safe, all is not lost.

Through an online experience, you have an opportunity to recover and extend the investments that have already been made no matter the final outcome.

Deliver A Great Content Experience

Deliver A Great Content Experience

Showcase content in a branded portal your audience will love to explore

Limit Content To Registered Attendees

Limit Content To Registered Attendees

Provide subscription access to those that have paid for exclusive access

Share Content Quickly And Easily

Share Content Quickly And Easily

Clip videos in your browser and share to social media to attract audiences

Calling Event Managers!

Would A Video Platform Help Soften The Blow?

event video portal
  • Are you weighing up cancelling your events this year?
  • Are you looking for a way to repurpose content that has already been produced?
  • Are you looking at online solutions to try and still reach registered attendees?

If the answer is yes, we would like to offer a free 3-month license of Imagen’s leading video platform to help you through this global crisis by enabling you to provide an online experience for your audience. 

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