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Ultra-fast, ultra-flexible file transfers.

Enjoy fast access to original or high resolution files at high speed with Imagen's flexible Accelerated File Delivery feature. Downloads via Imagen are entirely secure, meaning you can deliver your media around the world, without worrying over the security of your files. 

Accelerated File Delivery

AFD (Accelerated File Delivery) is Imagen’s, high-speed file transfer service, used by many of the world’s biggest media companies to distribute broadcast-quality files to their key clients. 

Download or send professional file formats to any PC, Mac or server machine running the AFD client. This makes distributing large, broadcast-quality files simple – and much faster than using conventional methods such as HTTP, FTP or courier. 

From the download menu, simply choose a file format and a target download location. The recipient can watch the download progress using the free AFD download management client. Notifications from AFD are integrated into Imagen so users receive regular updates during transmission. Find out more about AFD here.

AFD - PC version - free download.

AFD - Mac version - free download.

Secure downloads

Streaming and downloads use HTTPS - a secure method of exchanging data between the server and the client browser.

All communication between the user’s browser and Imagen is made over secure HTTPS and TLS1.2 and TLS1.3 connections. That means requests for data or media files (either streamed or downloaded) are encrypted.

Download individual media elements

An Imagen record can store multiple versions of a media object - e.g. high, original, mezzanine or low-resolution. Imagen allows you to download the profile you need.

Find out more about Accelerated File Delivery

Distribution Workflows

Imagen has always championed self-service access to content - clients or end-users can help themselves to as much content as they need – paid for or free, subject to permission controls.

For professional distribution, Imagen also offers a 'push' method – so you can offer automated file delivery for broadcasters, OTT platforms, subscribing clients or other departments in your organisation. Configure any number of distribution targets using FTP or Aspera account details to send individual files or a batch using predefined workflows for each recipient.

You can also set up notifications based on saved search criteria to automatically send content that matches the requirement – e.g. clips featuring a specific player or team, files from a named location, or the latest video uploaded by a specific department or individual.

Imagen Distribution
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