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Live Connect

Ingest, redistribute and store your live video feeds

Engage your audience and stream your video content in high definition via Imagen, while capturing it for your archive at the same time. 

Restrict your live video to authorised users, or open your stream to the wider public. The interface allows users to pause, rewind and fast-forward through the content, ensuring viewers can catch up and re-watch.

Live Connect on Imagen

Simply add your RTMP or SRT server URL and stream keys to set up your live feed. Imagen can display live feeds directly to logged-in or public users through the ImagenWeb interface. Using a valid RTMP or SRT path, the live feed can be set up as an Imagen record, which can be watched, archived, logged, found in a search, collected, clipped and shared on social media.

Log live content

During live broadcasts, administrators can use the Imagen Media Logger to record time-based metadata, choosing from a range of customisable keywords, emojis, chapters, phrases and participants.

This rich pool of searchable information indexes in real time, to be displayed and synchronised alongside the video as annotations.

Publish to social media

Publish content to social media and directly from a live feed using Imagen's simple browser based editing tools.

Users can navigate the live feed using pause, rewind and fast-forward – and then send the edit to a social media publishing workflow. Any number of social media workflows can be created to produce social media-optimised video – ready to entertain and inform new audiences.

Download full Imagen system specifications
Download the Imagen Technical Specification

Revolutionise your media management

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