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Generate revenue from your content through basket payments, credits and subscription packages.

Unlock your video’s value and improve return on investment with user-friendly commercial tools within Imagen, including shopping baskets, customisable licensing options and credit packages.

Consumer audiences can pay directly for access to your content via video on demand (VOD) services, through subscription package options. And the online credit-based payment system provides a vehicle to directly monetise clips.

Licensing and e-commerce options

Licensing content can often be a complex, time consuming task for rights holders. Imagen simplifies this process and delivers a convenient shopping basket experience for anyone wishing to license content for use in broadcast, advertising campaigns, documentaries, TV productions or newsrooms.

Imagen automates the licensing process through customisable Media Rights Packages. Media Rights Packages create a framework of possible licensing options such as usage type, territory and duration. Imagen calculates the price of the license based on clip length and the licensing options selected during checkout.

Create a license and check-out through a user-friendly shopping basket

Credit payments

License clips online through a credit-based payment system. Imagen’s flexible payment model enables your B2B customers to buy clips and make granular credit payments for every second of content they need. You can even present users with price breaks when they buy larger packages of credits.

Simply set values for credit per unit of duration and set licensing terms to define appropriate usage. Full details of transactions and account options are shown in the users’ account management panel.

SVOD subscription payments

Generate revenue from your content through highly customisable subscription VOD packages for B2C audiences. Users can purchase a subscription account, which will give them access to ranges of content on the platform. 

Set up a series of tiers for subscribers - these can include access to different levels of content and pricing. Packages can be set up with different price options. Full details of transactions and account options are shown in the users’ account management panel.


Imagen manages payments for credits and subscription accounts through Stripe. This handles card transactions, meaning Imagen does not store credit card details. Stripe provides the technical, fraud prevention, and banking infrastructure required to take payments online from any user worldwide.


Payments are stored as credits contained within a user’s wallet. Wallets can be topped up on an individual basis, and users with permission can also access credits from a shared wallet, for group membership.

Price breaks

Reward higher-spending users by offering multiple credits in a series of packaged offers, with larger credit bundles representing greater value.

Ad-hoc payments

Manage transactions for additional services, such as digitising or film research, through your media portal. Simply create a payment form, send it to the customer and payment can be handled through Imagen. Standard forms can even be embedded into your Imagen platform for payments such as charitable donations.

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