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Imagen Pro: Product Updates

Imagen Pro is a constantly evolving video management platform that puts you in complete control of your content. Here’s a roundup of the new features in our latest release.

stop or extend live stream schedules

Live Stream Controls

New features - live stream

Imagen Pro’s live streaming feature enables logged-in users to watch a live feed. The RTMP (Real-time Messaging Protocol) feed can also be captured and added to your archive.

Our latest update gives administrator-level users more control over live stream recording so they can respond to changes in the planned schedule. For example, if a sporting event runs into extra time or experiences unscheduled delays, it’s now possible to stop or extend the live stream using the simple controls available in the record page. 

The recorded streams can still be accessed like any other Imagen record. Click here for more information about Imagen Pro’s live streaming and recording features.

Find files faster with automated indexing

Searchable documents

Latest update - text search

Imagen Pro doesn’t just manage rich media content. It also supports a wide range of document file formats such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDFs.

In our latest update, documents can be automatically indexed during an ingest workflow. Now, your documents will be easy to locate if a keyword search matches the text in your files.

Please contact your account manager if you would like to activate this workflow.

Create relational metadata fields for field-dependent options

Cascading Metadata Entry

new features - metadata

Let’s get relational! Imagen Pro’s new relational metadata fields enable administrators to establish Parent / Child values between fields in your database. They present themselves to end-users as a cascading set of drop-down options for fast, efficient metadata entry.

That means that if a particular option is chosen from a Parent picklist, the end-user can be presented with a new set of options that are dependent on their choice. For example, choosing Tennis from a Parent list containing Football, Tennis, Rugby, will subsequently present a Child list containing US Open / Australian Open / French Open, etc.

Are you an admin? Read our guide to find out how you can set up relational fields.

Role-based or site-wide announcements

Custom Site Banner

Imagen pro update

Imagen Pro’s new customisable banners can be used to alert site-wide or users-groups about a service update, an upcoming event or promotion. 

The message can also include a custom action button which can direct users to another page on your platform or a third party URL to provide additional information. 

Are you an admin? Read our guide to find out how you can set up role-based or site-wide banners.

Create a multi-faceted 'OR' type search query

Additive Filters

New features - March 21

Our updated filter control allows users to create ‘OR’ type search queries using Imagen Pro’s Filtering Options while searching. Previously, fields set as filters could only be set as Exclusive, meaning a user could select just one value. With this enhancement, audiences may add more than one selection to a specific category filter to increase the number of search results they see.

For example, a user can expand a search query to include:

    • Content type: ‘video’ OR ‘images’
    • Genre category: ‘comedy’ OR ‘documentary’

Are you an admin? Read our guide to find out how you can set up additive filters.

More meaningful naming conventions

Customise Download Filename

Latest update - March 21

Customise your file download naming convention to offer more meaningful filenames to your users. For example use the Record Title (‘Aerial View of New York’) to override the Original Filename of ‘DCIM_IMG_12022021’

Choose any combination of the following variables to rename your file on download: Record Title, Profile Name, Media ID, and Original Filename.

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