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Product Update April 2019

What's new in Imagen?

Brand new features to help you make the most of your media assets

Imagen Accelerated File Delivery v2

Ultra-fast, Ultra-flexible File Transfers

AFD (Accelerated File Delivery) is Imagen’s, high-speed file transfer service used by many of the world’s biggest media companies to distribute broadcast quality files to their key clients at blistering speeds.

In our latest update, you can download or send professional file formats to a range of devices and users – such as customers, colleagues or edit suites with just one click.

Manage your content distribution from any connected device; order the high-resolution files for the day’s edit while you’re on the train to work in the morning and they will be ready waiting for you when you arrive at the edit suite.

AFD Media Delivery
Download or send files from Imagen to any machine running AFD

Fast, Powerful, Free

  • Delivers large, broadcast quality files quickly
  • Imagen AFD Client App available for PC and MAC
  • Free for all Imagen users and their clients
  • Unlimited AFD client installs
  • Integrated Imagen and Windows Notifications
  • Simple, intuitive interface shows download progress
AFD Modal Dialog
Choose a file format and a target machine
AFD Progress Bar
Monitor download progress on AFD client application

Take a peek at Imagen Previews

Preview content on Imagen

Offer a tantalising look at your most exciting or commercially valuable content by restricting playback to the first 30 seconds.

Preview mode is a permission setting that can be applied to your content using standard Imagen access controls. To see more, click the Media Request button and a nominated administrator can approve or deny access to the full duration version.

  • Watch first 30 second preview of video & audio
  • Preview media is flagged in search results and can be filtered
  • Users can request to see complete version
  • Set up multiple administrators to manage access

Archive Social Media Posts

Archive Social Media Posts within Imagen

You can now archive your social media posts alongside your video, images audio and documents so all your content is available in one easy to manage platform.

Imagen stores the URL for each post and renders the content when accessed. Supported social media platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, Tumblr, SoundCloud, and Vimeo.

Store Adobe PSD/AI/FLA/EPS Files

Store Adobe PSD/AI/FLA/EPS Files supported by Imagen

Imagen has always managed documents for business (PDF, Word, Excel) alongside media assets – to help deliver extra context around media assets – e.g. scripts, news bulletins, contracts and rights information.

Adobe authoring files can now also be stored, retrieved and accessed – that means you can now manage Photoshop or Illustrator marketing assets or related artwork for film and TV shows.

Ad hoc Payments

Ad Hoc Payments within Imagen

Imagen already offers a range of payment models which allow content owners to monetise their media. For extra services provided outside the scope of normal commercial operations (such as monthly subscriptions or payments for credits), Imagen now enables you to raise requests for payment for additional services such as digitising or film research and manage the transaction through your media portal.

Simply create a payment form and send to the customer. Imagen will take care of the credit card payment. You can even embed the payment form into your Imagen platform to handle arbitrary payments such as charitable donations.

Dynamic Forms

Dynamic forms within Imagen

Easily set up forms on your Imagen platform to allow end-users to contact administrators or sales teams.

Build enquiry forms and embed them anywhere in your Imagen platform. The intuitive Form Editor widget contains all the elements you need – Choose from free text fields, drop downs, custom buttons and much more.


MRSS feed capability in Imagen

Media RSS (MRSS) extends the capability of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds by including links to multimedia files (audio, video, image).

MRSS clients and third party tools can check the feed at regular intervals to find out what’s new in Imagen. Downloads can be triggered via information in the feed, and can be handled by Imagen’s AFD Client.

Simply subscribe to an MRSS/RSS using a saved search query for automatic updates on new additions to your Imagen media library.

New Features Include

Extra Email Verification

If users want to change the email address on their account, Imagen will send a verification email test to check they own it.

Account Locking

Too many failed log ins or repeated use of the forgotten password feature will result in a locked Imagen account.


reCAPTCHA helps protect your Imagen platform from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA” is a turing test to tell human and bots apart.

Extended Partial File Restore

Imagen extends the current list of Partial File Restore supported file formats to now include MXF XDCAM HD422. Partial file Restore edits your file without any lengthy transcoding overhead.

Recycle Bin for Original files

Prevent accidental file deletion by setting the number of days you wish to keep source media files available after deletion – to allow for file recovery if needed.

Performance Monitoring

Your Imagen system is monitored 24/7 by our support team. We’ve added even more metrics to give us additional insights into the performance of your platform.

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