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Product Update January 2019

What's new in Imagen?

Brand new features to help you make the most of your media assets

Brand new features to help you make the most of your media assets

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In a forever evolving media landscape, content owners need the very latest tools to optimise the value of their media, deliver more choice and a provide a great experience for their audience.

Imagen is a constantly evolving content management platform that responds to the changing ways we consume, share and engage with video.

From January 2019 we’ll be issuing regular platform updates.  The latest and greatest features, security and stability updates will be deployed to eligible system owners as soon as they become available – no more waiting for annual releases. Look out for our regular product updates to find out how you can do even more with your media.

Editable Zones

Product update - Imagen 2019

Imagen is a powerful content management platform, but a key strength lies in the ability to create and shape the user experience for your specific audience through page layout tools and customisable areas.

We’ve now made that even easier with Imagen Zones. Zones are editable areas within your web page that you can customise at will.

Previously we gave you the option to add widgets, text or html. With Zone widgets it’s even easier to create new rich media elements within an editable zone to provide supporting content or information around your media.

New features

Embed Social Media

Embed Social Media

Draw attention to any social media post by featuring it in a custom zone. Simply add the embed code from any post and add more rich media to your custom pages.

Updated User Analytics

Updated User Analytics

User Analytics now include customisable date ranges for added insight into performance metrics, more statistics for clip order downloads, plus info on media counts and duration.

Star Ratings for Annotations

Star Ratings for Annotations

Easily apply a star rating to any set of annotations. Imagen star ratings can be exported and are interoperable with other technologies including EVS IP Director’s Interest Level rating.

Responsive embedded video

Responsive video embeds

Previous versions of Imagen required users to state the height and width of the video player when embedding in a third party web page. That’s still a useful option, but for destination pages which can be viewed in a variety of devices, – PCs, tablet and mobile, it makes more sense for the video to scale according to the size of the screen. Imagen’s new responsive embedded video player option will automatically scale the video to fill the space available on any screen.

New features in Imagen 2019

EXIF/IPTC/XMP Data Extraction

Data extraction in the product update 2019

Many images contain embedded metadata which describes technical aspects of the picture, such as date, time and GPS information as well as copyright and descriptive information. When ingesting files, Imagen can now extract embedded EXIF, IPTC and XMP data and save as searchable metadata within a standard Imagen record.

Imagen’s powerful new Update Record Metadata ingest workflows defines how the image data maps to the record fields in Imagen. The rules allow for overwriting, concatenating and adding to the field if empty.

Picture-in-Picture support

Picture in Picture support by Imagen

Picture in Picture (PiP) allows users with supporting browsers (such as Safari and Chrome) to pop out a video from an Imagen web page, move it across screens and carry on watching while they scroll around, use a different app or visit another website.

Reorder Media Objects

Reorder media objects within Imagen

One of the unique features that makes Imagen so powerful is the ability to store multiple media objects within a single metadata record. That means you could store a pdf or image alongside an audio file to keep related assets together, or combine a series of videos. Sometimes, those related media objects need to be sequenced in a logical order. Imagen now allows administrators (or users with sufficient privileges) to change the order of media objects to suit.

Imagen in action

BBC Studios use Imagen to promote their programme library worldwide. As a sales tool it’s important that their clients can see and preview the logical sequence of episodes in a television series.  With our new update, individual episodes can now be uploaded and sequenced in the correct order.

Packed with new features

Video in Carousels

Embed a series of videos in a scrolling carousel to promote a collection or to feature latest additions to your media library on your homepage or in any editable zone.

New Live Server Region

East US Imagen Live Server region now available in addition to South East Asia and West Europe regions to manage delivery of live content to Imagen powered sites.

Improved Live Service

Live streams now display thumbnails along the timeline for improved video navigation. Full bitrate streams are now automatically ingested for even higher quality archiving than before.

Session sign-in limit

A powerful new control that limits one Imagen session per user log-in. This prevents multiple users accessing the same account simultaneously with a shared set of log in details.

Auto Orientation

Imagen now maintains original orientation of footage shot on mobile devices (e.g. 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°) by analysing metadata embedded at the time of recording.

Export annotations to EVS

You can already export Imagen annotations (time based metadata) as XML. Now you can also export in a format which can be parsed by EVS’ IP Director logging application.

Revolutionise your media management

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