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10 things you need to know about cybersecurity

The DPP’s 10 Things You Need To Know Guide is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to reduce the risk of being harmed by a cyber threat, by protecting themselves or their business.

Until recently the media industry has escaped relatively unscathed: hackers have tended to attack financial institutions or governments. But that’s starting to change. Some media organisations now experience several cyber attacks daily.

In the past, those who wished to cause damage to broadcasters had to infiltrate their buildings and studios to disrupt output. Today it can be as simple as downloading and running some freely available malicious computer scripts. And it isn’t only broadcasters who are at risk. Any media company or organisation that uses connected systems – or buys services from other companies that do – can become victims of an attack.

From knowing and understanding those that pose a threat to your content through to using the correct security tools, this guide provides crucial tips to take care in an online world full of fantastic opportunity.

About the DPP

Originally founded by UK broadcasters the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, it is now a not-for-profit company with an international membership base drawn from the whole media supply chain – broadcasters and distributors to manufacturers and service providers, production to post-production, trade bodies to educational institutions. The DPP harnesses the collective intelligence of that membership to generate insight, enable change and create market opportunity.

About Imagen

Imagen is proud to be a member of the DPP’s Committed To Security programme – providing media companies with fast and secure content management and distribution through a highly customisable content portal.

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