4 reasons construction companies can rely on video

Construction across the region reports a 5 year high In the South East, London’s skyline is changing dramatically, with almost double the number of tall buildings in the pipeline compared to two years ago, and only three planning applications rejected over the past 12 months. Since this time last year, a total of 119 new buildings with at least 20 storeys have entered the planning process. These take the total number in the pipeline to 436 – 89 are under construction, 233 have approval but work is yet to start, and 114 are at the planning or pre-application stage. This is almost double the 230 in the pipeline two years ago. Construction companies and videos don’t appear to be a natural fit at first glance. But like any other business, video is the most popular format to share information quickly. Using video to promote your construction business In the digital age, people want instant gratification. They are much happier to click on a video link than read pages and pages of text in a corporate brochure. And this applies to construction audiences as much as anyone else. Video should therefore be an important part of your marketing strategy, whether your campaign is focused on product benefits, industry legislation or brand awareness. What types of video can be produced? There are many different types of video that you can use to enhance your marketing strategy: 1. Product Demonstrations A good way to reach out to potential clients/architects and specifiers is with a video that demonstrates how your products work. Videos are much more striking than words on a page and it’s a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of your products. You could also provide video content for the Site Manager – for example, a demonstration of how to install/use your products on site. It’s also a good idea to link your videos to an online F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions) to help answer common questions and provide additional support to your customers. 2. Testimonials A common type of video is the ‘testimonial’ video, where happy/loyal customers speak highly of your brand, promote your excellent products and reinforce your status as specialists in your field. Testimonials do not need to only be from customers, you can also film testimonials from supply chain partners or attendees at company events/seminars. 3. Seminars/Events Do you regularly host CPD seminars or special events to educate your audience or industry? A great way of increasing attendees to your next one is to record the presentations and post them on your website. 4. Educational Videos Use video to educate your audience. Teach them something they didn’t know, if it’s interesting enough, they’ll want to share it - putting you into a position of an expert in the field and developing trust. To find out how you could be using video to improve your business' promotional activity or general efficiency, get in touch with me today.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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