5 Benefits of using a CMS

A Content Management System (CMS) is a powerful tool that frees non-technical users from the shackles of controlling a technically complex website.

It means anyone can add to, edit or manage a website. It means you will have more time to focus on bettering your business instead of trying to understand reams of code. It means you have full control of your website 24 hours a day and seven days a week, without waiting for a third party provider to grant access or make changes.

A competent CMS means a lot of things to a lot of businesses, but here are five key advantages:

1. Simplicity

Every user does not have to have the same level of technical competency but all users can understand a CMS. This, in turn, means you will not have to spend a lot of time and money training non-technical users to apply a range of changes as no previous coding knowledge is required. Imagen's CMS allows users to edit a range of components on your website from simple tasks (such as text changes through our easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor) to more difficult tasks (such as uploading media or creating clips).

2. Multiple users

Most businesses will want a range of users to have input into its website. Imagen's CMS allows admin users to grant access to certain user groups, manage roles and publish permissions so every individual has the appropriate level of control over the website. It even supports secure institutionalised logins via email domains and Single Sign On too.

3. Simple design changes

The look of your website can also be altered from a CMS.  The content and design can be edited independently from each other, while the website remains fully functional. This gives your site a consistent appearance, which is great for branding and all changes appear automatically, without any cumbersome uploads and waiting for the site to go live. Imagen allows users to switch custom or ‘out of the box’ themes easily or drill down and alter the design of website components, such as media players, to match your site’s design exactly.

4. Better content management

Yes, stating that a content management system helps you to manage content might seem like a no brainer, but it’s an important benefit. It’s not just about being able to update or remove content, a CMS will automatically remove any links to removed content (for example, if you decide to take down a Christmas promotion or a job vacancy) and will integrate with SEO efforts to streamline your marketing approach.

5. Complete control

It’s all been leading up to this benefit, but a CMS means that, instead of relying on an external third party, you are in complete control of your business website with a CMS. This means you have the ability to assign tasks and roles, check the site’s progress and make a plethora of changes without trawling through hundreds of pages of code or contacting a third party, waiting for them to implement those changes and having to pay them for doing the honours.

Being in the driving seat when it comes to your website is a powerful and invaluable business tool.

If you need more information on Imagen’s CMS, the wider Imagen and some of its features please click here or contact one of the team today.

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