5 Ways Sports Organisations Can Win With Video

Here in 2018, it’s never been easier for content owners to reach new audiences and maximise the value of their media content through digital channels. For smaller sports federations this is especially true, as increasing digital media consumption and more affordable cloud technology presents a unique opportunity to more easily compete with their larger counterparts.

Traditionally, the reliance on limited linear TV slots acted as a glass ceiling for sports that were less universally popular as they struggled to compete for their share of the overall sports audience. New digital channels, social media platforms and on-demand adoption have provided more opportunities to reach audiences without the huge budgets that were previously required.

By adopting a central video platform where all content is stored, these smaller sports are able to provide quality content for media partners to increase coverage, whilst also sharing new and legacy content with their content-hungry fans in a number of new ways.

Our infographic, 5 Ways Sports Can Win With Video In The Cloud, provides some powerful ways that sports organisations can adapt their video strategy in order to take advantage of an increasingly digital audience and get results.

Interested to find out more about the how the advancements and the affordability of cloud-based services have levelled the media playing field in the sports industry? Our latest sports white paper, “Outsmart and Outperform: Levelling the media playing field in sport”, is packed with market insights, research and examples of sports that are taking crucial steps to embrace these changes right now.

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