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5 Ways To Improve Content Production Supply Chains

An archive is the beating heart of a media or sports company; the place where its most valuable assets are stored. Yet for content value to be fully realised, archive content needs to be enabled as part of the content production supply chain. In other words, valuable, rights-managed media must be stored where people can easily find and view it, and where content owners can protect, distribute and manage it.

For a media archive to be part of a content supply chain, assets can no longer be filed away on disconnected, low-cost storage. They need to be part of a flexible, scalable and easily accessible repository that drives more efficient media production workflows. 

This is one of the challenges facing media companies.

Download this report to find out how the biggest sports and media organisations are solving this. You’ll discover how to:

    • Scale and connect your archive and storage
    • Optimise ingestion and organisation of valuable assets
    • Focus on content accessibility and process efficiency
    • Make content distribution secure
    • Balance risk and return

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