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Imagen Launches New AI Technology to Help Organisations Maximise Content Value and Accelerate Workflows

With Coronavirus impact leaving many teams leaner, Imagen’s new AI services help organisations maximise resource and value

London, UK – 4 June, 2020 – Intuitive video management platform Imagen today announces the integration of new AI services, powered by Google and Microsoft Labs, to galvanise and enable organisations across all sectors to maximise the value of their content.

The new automated AI services generate a wide range of descriptive tags for fast and accurate searching across large digital media libraries using simple keywords. Content owners will be able to search for digital media assets more efficiently and onboard new images and video for market use more rapidly.

New functionality within Imagen’s AI services – adding to existing speech to text and face detection – include face, logo and object recognition, scene and sentiment detection, object tracking, language translation, content moderation and more.

Imagen’s smart metadata tools improve content search and discovery, enhance operational efficiency and increase viewer engagement. With the relevant descriptive tags in place, it’s possible to swiftly locate words in dialogue, and find logos, images, people, objects and emotions.

While the benefits directly impact the day to day of content managers, organisations will benefit more widely in a variety of ways:

  • Content owners can begin to extract more value from their media assets
  • Businesses can locate their corporate assets in a click
  • Sports organisations can prepare valuable highlights for distribution
  • Media companies can monetise content libraries or coordinate media logistics from a cloud platform.

“AI powered analysis tackles one of the biggest content management challenges faced by organisations of all sizes: how to summarise, organise and make discoverable the mountain of content stored in digital media files. The economic impact of Coronavirus has left many organisations with leaner teams, so the role of technology in accelerating growth and maximising resources has never been so crucial to business performance.” – Charlie Horrell, CEO.  “Our new AI services will help to bring content to market more quickly and lower the cost of ownership”

Imagen is an intuitive video management platform that enables sports organisations, media companies and enterprise organisations to intelligently manage their video content with enhanced functionality, control and insight. Imagen is being used by global organisations to manage and distribute their expanding video and media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through its highly customisable platform.  Imagen’s customers include Major League Baseball, William Morris Beverly Hills, the English Premier League, Women’s Tennis Association, Reuters, BBC and IMG.

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