Beyond live

Building better video distribution for a changing audience.

This exclusive survey of rights holders and key industry professionals looks at how sports organisations are dealing with increased demand for content, changes in consumption habits and ferocious competition for audience share.

Learn more about challenges facing rights holders in a shifting technological landscape plus new opportunities for sports brands and content owners to increase engagement with their audience and generate new revenue from near-live and archive video.

Topics covered:

  • Challenges of serving multiple audiences across multiple platforms
  • Social Media – are rights holders able to keep up with demand?
  • Building profile and brand with near-live content
  • Converting archive into compelling programming
  • The rise of machine learning and automation
  • Case Study: Premier League Archive

Adapting to today’s media landscape

Nowadays there are virtually no boundaries regarding how, when and where people can interact with video content across digital, social and mobile platforms. Our whitepaper suggests that for rights holders and sports brands, it is crucial to respond to this growing trend or risk being left behind.

Making optimal use of archive

Our survey suggests that there remains untapped growth potential when it comes to distributing library content – archive footage can be a powerful storytelling tool and a way to reach new audiences. In a multi-platform media landscape library content is a valuable brandbuilding tool.

Automating cataloging & distribution

Machine Learning is now capable of identifying (and learning) players, brands, objects and actions so the process of indexing new video content and cataloguing legacy media will be handled by artificial intelligence. Content feeds to broadcasters and social media channels will also be heavily automated.

About Imagen

Imagen helps sports organisations and media companies to manage and distribute their ever growing media libraries – enabling fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable content portal.

Imagen for sports.

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