Bring your organisation together with video

Video is beginning to have a profound impact on how businesses operate and communicate with its biggest asset, its staff.

All large organisations face three crucial challenges when it comes to managing their global workforce effectively; Recruiting and onboarding new starters, ongoing employee education and effectiveness, and maintaining internal engagement with the brand.

How video can help empower your workforce:

1. Getting up to speed

A lot of time and resource is spent recruiting new positions within an organisation, so it is crucial this isn’t compounded by a slow or ineffective onboarding process. The quicker that new starters can begin to provide meaningful contributions, the better. After all, that is why they were hired in the first place.

Additionally, a smooth and refined onboarding process can present a great early impression for new employees – making them feel welcome, informed and reinforce their decision to join the company.

Create a central repository of well-thought-out, introductory videos so new recruits can access content where and when they need it.

2. Maintaining and evolving skills

In larger organisations, where employees are spread across the world, it is particularly important that staff can easily self-serve all the information they need to do the best job they can. This enables the whole organisation to stay effective, efficient and up-to-date.

Whether learning new skills, understanding product updates or following new regulations and best practices, workers must be able to find and digest the information they’re looking for on any device, wherever they are.

Provide an intuitive video hub for workers to search and access information efficiently and track usage for compliance needs.

3. Internal communication and engagement

It is easy for employees to become solely focused on their own department or function within the business and feel detached from the wider organisation – as well as its goals and core values.

Companies should make a concerted effort to ensure all employees keep in the loop and still buy-in to the brand ethos and personality.

Centralised access to video content from all departments gives HR teams the best chance at positively impacting the performance, happiness and togetherness of their workforce.

With consumer culture dominated by video content, there has never been a better time to adapt your internal video sharing to boost staff engagement. Could your team be doing more to take advantage of video?

Report: Riding the Video Wave

Crucial video tips for HR Teams

Download our latest report to see how video content can help boost your impact across the organisation.

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