Building the business case for a media centre

You probably already know that implementing an efficient media asset management solution would make a big difference. But how do you get buy-in from the rest of your organisation?

This guide has been designed to help people just like you to address this issue.

Creating a compelling business case can be hard, but by quantifying the non-financial benefits as well as presenting hard numbers you will dramatically increase your chance of securing approval and getting the budget you need.

Using a working example, this guide shows you what to assess in order to make the best case for a solution – including:

  • Problems with how individuals currently share and store media
  • Challenges with current workflows and processes
  • Issues with sharing content
  • Actions for building your business case

Become experts at managing your video content globally and save money (potentially even make money), boost productivity, drive collaboration and keep your valuable assets secure.

With over 20 years’ experience, we have an extensive knowledge of typical customer challenges encountered when trying to push these projects over the line. It’s those insights that we’ve been able to learn from over the years, allowing us not only to produce this guide but to better support both clients and potential clients in their quest for effective media asset management power.

About Imagen

Take back control of your video by implementing Imagen’s online media asset management platform. Store video, audio and other assets safely, in a way that is instantly shareable; whether that’s with a colleague down the corridor, or on the other side of the world.

Whether you use video for PR, marketing, training, compliance or production, this solution will allow you to take things to the next level.

Imagen for enterprise.

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