10 things you didn't know your business video could do

Having a searchable online repository for your video content opens up many opportunities for you to improve how you communicate. The ease of distribution, the ability to access it 24/7, and the engaging nature of video itself, can help keep employees and customers up to date in a personal and authentic manner.

Video can be a powerful information delivery tool, but many companies still don’t make the most of it. Organise and store your content in a video management platform like Imagen and you can reuse, remix, clip and even sell it to boost your business. Here are ten ways you can make more of your video.

1. Recruit better talent

Adding video to a job advert is a great way to show off the attractions of working for your company. There is nothing like being able to see the culture and workplace offerings of a company for a potential new employee to get a feel for whether they think your business would be a fit for them.

2. Improve the onboarding process

Video is a great way to introduce new recruits to your company’s culture, processes and safety procedures. This frees up members of staff who otherwise would need to spend time having to sit down with new employees every time someone joins. Using a video ensures the same message is received by everyone and it is always available even at busy times of the year, or if HR people are off sick. An easily accessible and shareable online video can make the whole onboarding process cheaper and more convenient.

3. Automate training sessions

By using video, you only need to explain something once and then multiple people can watch it at any time to get the same benefit. Video allows you to visually walk through a specific task, so people can easily get acquainted with a set of tools or a new and/or changed process. With a video management platform, you will be able to see which employees have completed training and which videos are having the most engagement.

4. Enrich internal communications

Making company announcements to promote new business initiatives and changes in office structure is an engaging way to communicate with employees. A survey by Gatehouse, of 650 organisations from 25 countries, revealed that the use of video for internal communications has now become one of the top-used digital channels; with 68% of respondents stating they believe video usage will increase over the coming 12 months.

5. Record important meetings

Recording meetings (whether online or offline) also allows those who couldn’t make a meeting to review those they’ve missed, while also providing a lasting record of what was discussed.

6. Share inspirational R&D stories

Introducing new concepts that you are working on via video is a great way to keep both employees and/or customers informed. Visual communication is often the best way of explaining tricky concepts, while having permissions to view ensures that only the people who should see these possibly confidential communications can do so.

7. Enhance event coverage

If your company regularly goes to conferences or events, or holds internal events, a video stream allows your employees to get a feel for what the company is getting involved with. Post-event, the video can be safely archived for later review or even clipped for social media promotion and/or diced into useful newsroom assets.

8. Build a better newsroom

Speaking of newsrooms… Large companies often have many aspects of their business they want to show off both internally and externally. PR professionals and journalists expect companies to provide them with useful information direct from their website and will rarely reach out in other ways if it isn’t easily found.

A recent report from ISEBOX shows that 95% of journalists (of 230 surveyed) say they access a corporate digital newsroom at least once a month. So, if you don’t have a media centre providing engaging content both for media distribution and updates on exciting corporate news and events, you are less likely to be featured in news reports than competitors who do. Use a media management system to host your video and built-in video analytics will also provide you with valuable information on which announcements are gaining the most traction.

9. Be more social

Once you have a video, think about the different ways that you can use it and where it might make a wider impact. Trim and clip content for use on social media, where it can boost awareness of your brand, inform, entertain and draw customers back to your business. Social media is fast moving beyond words and photos to embrace video storytelling.

10. Develop extra revenue

Got exclusive video that somebody might pay for? Try selling it. Modern video management platforms like Imagen enable you to license and/or sell content easily, handling the sales process seamlessly so you don’t have to.

Imagen helps your business communicate and work more effectively through video

Imagen can help you to take control of your media by making content more searchable, and providing an elegant and intuitive web portal for internal and external access.

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