BVE 2018 Roundup

BVE post-show review

Despite the snow making travel to London’s Excel a trickier proposition than normal, BVE didn’t fail to impress. At BVE we were demonstrating the latest version of Imagen – version 6. The visitor numbers may have been down due to the weather but the new features on show were very warmly received by a mixture of new visitors and current customers eager to look at Imagen’s new live capture and publish to social media capabilities.

While it was great to meet new people, and see our clients BVE is also a terrific opportunity to take the temperature of the industry at the beginning of the year and play spot the trend in the world of broadcast video.

What did we find out at the show?

The increased use of video in business is nothing new, but one of the major themes that emerged during my time at the show was the sheer range and diversity of job roles that have sprung up around video management and production. With so much video out there (accounting for 73% of all internet traffic in 2016 and set to increase to 82% by 2021), it is no surprise that this is beginning to create a variety of very specific job roles demanding specific skills across cataloguing, curation, ingest, archiving, distribution and publishing. This year at BVE we were approached by a wider range of individuals searching for a MAM solution, including designers, recruiters and educators. As a supplier it is becoming important to accommodate for those who have not traditionally worked with media content, as opposed to the traditional media professional and media consumer.

I spoke to several professionals who, despite admitting that they had a video management problem, had the perception that MAMs normally involve a considerable capital expenditure. The good news is, that this doesn’t have to be the case. With the flexibility of public cloud infrastructure and annual subscription payments available from vendors like Imagen, the large CAPEX barriers have been removed.  Large scale MAM solutions were once the preserve of the largest broadcasters and production companies. Not any more – powerful, scalable best of breed video management solutions can be afforded by any size company.

And why wouldn’t a media company invest in a video management platform? Your archive rushes and masters can hold commercial value when presented to the right audiences, and even better when they’re clipped and packaged for a specific purpose. As your content library continues to grow, you need to implement a sustainable solution that will sweat your assets and allow you to get the most out of your content.

So how can we help?

Award-winning Imagen helps companies maximise the full value of their video libraries. The interface is simple to use, easy to rebrand and configure to your business requirements, serving as your long-term archive, content management system, publishing platform, company website and video on demand portal.

Our latest update - Imagen version 6 - has introduced an abundance of new features to maximise the full value of your content – offering live capture and powerful new archiving, logging and publishing tools. Imagen is the world’s most advanced video management platform - displacing the need for third party video sharing tools and providing an intuitive portal for your internal teams, partners and stakeholders to access content.

Thank you to everybody that visited us over the course of the show, this was our best year yet. You can sign up to our newsletter to stay informed on everything Imagen or you can get in touch via our contact page to arrange a demonstration of our software.

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