Imagen collaborates with Adobe at IBC2014

At IBC2014 Imagen will demonstrate how Adobe® Premiere® Pro CC users can easily archive and publish their project files using the Imagen Enterprise Platform. Following the success of the recent Integrated Workflow showcase in Los Angeles with Adobe, Imagen will bring Imagen’s powerful media workflows – optimised for Adobe Premiere Pro CC– to the IBC crowd. When combined, the joint solution enables Adobe Premiere Pro CC users to automatically create large indexed archives of their video projects. Once files are safely stored, all project files including B-Roll, rough cuts and final renders can be made available online for monetization or as a collaborative tool for production teams – all through a branded, secure website. Imagen provides the perfect platform for any organisation using Adobe Premiere Pro CC wishing to archive and monetize their content with a complete end-to-end solution. Adobe Premiere Pro CC is included in Adobe Creative Cloud® along with the most up-to-date versions of other favorite Adobe desktop apps such as Photoshop® CC, After Effects® CC, Illustrator® CC, and more. At IBC 2014, Imagen will also demonstrate how easy it is to create workflows for all kinds of production environments and projects. Adobe Premiere Pro CC users will particularly like the flexibility offered by Imagen’s Storage Manger enabling high resolution files to be stored on a range of appliances – including low cost tape media, while proxies can be automatically created and stored on spinning disks for fast access online. End users of the service, accessing the files online, will experience a cutting edge range of features for searching, clipping, collecting and downloading Adobe Premiere Pro CC produced files – according to permissions set by the file owner. Ian Mottashed said: “After the positive feedback we received from the Adobe/Imagen roadshow in the US we decided to make this integration with Premiere Pro a major feature at IBC2014. We really hope Adobe Premiere Pro CC users will come along and see how we can offer them peace of mind when using Imagen as an archive platform, as well as see the opportunity to share files online and even create revenue from video files that would normally be lying dormant.” Imagen 3.4 will be on show at IBC2014 (Amsterdam, 12-16 September) and offers an exciting new range of stock website themes and browser-based schema editing. The new version of Imagen is scheduled for delivery in October 2014.

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