The way you're storing video is probably wrong (but there's an easy fix)

Video is increasingly becoming the communication media of choice and companies often spend a small fortune creating, storing and retrieving it. But so many businesses are still doing it wrong.

Archaic tape-, disc- or computer-based media archives are no longer fit for purpose in today’s fast-moving media world. Instead, they are being replaced by online media management platforms that make it easy to catalogue, store, retrieve, review and share high-end video content.

The benefits are obvious. Assets can be found quickly for re-use in other projects, while new revenue streams can be created by selling or licensing content to other companies or territories. Slick newsrooms can be built to service promotional activities, recorded meetings can be stored or shared with ease, and content can be clipped and repackaged for social media campaigns.

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The key to all of this is discoverability. And the key to discoverability is using metadata to catalogue the video you’re storing. It’s no use having a large collection of useful videos if you can’t find what you’re searching for because they have names like or Video2_V1.mp4. Nor is it helpful to have a filing system that is a little better than a disparate collection of computer hard disks, NAS drives and scattered DVDs with no ability to quickly search any of them.

Putting all of your video assets in one place (accessible online to anyone with the correct permissions), and using metadata and notes to mark exactly what each asset contains, will enable you to spend a lot less time wondering where things are and more time doing business.

For it’s incredibly easy to lose video content from earlier projects. People can leave your company, store footage on a now forgotten laptop or a third-party file-sharing service, or maybe it’s been archived somewhere that is hard to search and difficult to retrieve. And if you are putting content onto a central server, that content could be misplaced, accidentally deleted or duplicated due to complicated and non-descript file structures.

Is that really how you want to work?

Embrace simplicity with one platform

With a dedicated media management platform, video assets can all flow into one place, be tagged for easy reference, secured, stored in high resolution, and made available via an internet connection to those that need them. Rather than using file-sharing services, YouTube, Vimeo, hard disks, thumb drives or DVDs, an online platform simplifies and streamlines video storage. Any file you need is only a simple search away.

Remember, speed is king

Speed is often vital in media production, whether you’re producing your own content or selling/licensing assets to other creators. If you are unable to find the footage you need in a timely manner, projects can be delayed, deadlines missed, while potential clients or customers might go elsewhere. Compare the speed of a text search in a media management platform like Imagen to asking a member of staff to dig through unoptimised, physical archives for a file you can’t quite remember the name of or even when you created it. But you’re sure it’s in there somewhere…

Better storage, better options

There’s a right and a wrong way to store video. The right way collates all of your video into one searchable, easily accessible online repository that’s fast and easy to use; gives you the ability to store (and play back) high resolution footage; and allows you to share, clip, brand and even commercialise your content. The right way to store your video is a media management platform that can scale up as you do, providing superior storage, cataloguing and distribution options.

As for the wrong way? That could be the way you’re storing video now.

Find out how metadata impacts the value of your video media and the necessary role it plays in today’s society by downloading our exclusive report.

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