Evolve with ever-changing viewing habits with Imagen version 6

Imagen’s latest content series highlights some of the difficult truths facing sports organisations and rights holders.

Clearly, organisations need to take back control - delivering content in the places and formats that their customers want to consume it. To thrive and survive, sports organisations need to be first to publish, offer a wider range of content and provide a better service - not just to fans, but also for their broadcast partners and production teams.

So what's the problem?

In many cases, sports organisations are struggling to meet these demands due to a lack of media management and distribution infrastructure.

Thankfully, that’s easy to fix.

From live to archive, Imagen version 6 is a cost effective, highly scalable video management platform that helps you to engage fans, promote your sport and drive revenue by delivering a superior service for consumers and more choice of high resolution media for broadcast partners and production teams.

First to publish with live capture and clipping

Sports fans have become conditioned to overlook official channels because the action they seek takes too long to surface, or is never made available at all. Sacrificing quality, fans will view clips of the latest action on the internet – sometimes captured by fans at the game, or using a mobile phone to record from a TV screen.

Imagen version 6’s new live capture feature allows sports organisations to watch the live feed from tournaments or games in real time, directly from their Imagen platform.

Using Imagen’s new Social Media Publishing feature, administrators can then clip the highlights and push them to any number of social media channels through automated workflows.

Imagen version 6 even allows you to add supporting text and overlay watermarks to prove ownership, and that content came from official sources regardless of where it’s shared.

By meeting the demand for more up to the minute content and at a better quality, sports organisations can increase fan engagement and ensure that fans will be eagerly watching the official Twitter, Facebook and YouTube feeds.

Deliver a wider range of content and unlock the value in your archive

Even out of season, and in between games fans still want to stay involved with the clubs, players and sports personalities they love so much.

To meet this demand, Imagen version 6 provides best in class media management tools for the long term preservation of your video library. With ground breaking cataloguing tools such as face detection and speech to text, it can help content owners to navigate and select the perfect moments from a vast archive of sports video.

With your organisation’s entire sporting legacy at your fingertips, you’ll have some incredible content to delight your fan base. So, in the run up to future fixtures you can post dozens of clips to show what happened when the two teams met last time – or what happened on this day 5, 10 or 20 years ago, plus greatest goals, shots, home runs, plays and touchdowns.

Extend your reach  with more choice and efficient distribution

Imagen version 6 is not just about engaging fans on social media. It also provides a superior experience for broadcast partners and production teams eager to access a wide range of broadcast quality content.However, content is only valuable if you can find it.

Imagen’s new media logging tool allows content owners to shot-list their content - so the most valuable moments are fully tagged and easy to find.

Simply click/touch a matrix of predefined keywords and names to describe events – either during the live stream or when reviewing captured streams or archive footage.

For broadcasters and production teams, it’s a huge timesaver to find that content has been professionally logged. Make it easy for your customers to find content and they will keep coming back for more. Connecting your audience with the content they want, when they want it.

With sports video consumption habits evolving and becoming more fragmented, it’s the sports organisations who have been able to adapt, innovate and extract more value from their sports video that are excelling.

For those organisations yet to address the issues raised by our findings, it’s time to take action.

Try Imagen version 6 now and discover how a single, affordable platform that proactively markets your sports content to customers can help your organisation deal with demand and protect your audience share.

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