Stick 'em up! It's your time to claim your piece of the online video market

Branded VOD platforms and online commercial archives used to be the preserve of broadcasters only. Not anymore. Imagen makes managed online publishing affordable for even the smallest production companies.

The establishment of online video platforms has brought about a boom era for television and production, with traditional terrestrial television as the only sector in decline. According to IDATE, Income from television and video amounted to €392.2 billion in 2012 and is expected to reach €483 billion in 2017. Notable forecasts are:
  • Video hard copy sales will total just €10.3 billion in 2017 as a part of a continuous decline
  • VOD revenue meanwhile will reach €34 billion in 2017, (150% more than in 2012).
  • Pay-TV revenue is forecast to grow at 4.2% CAGR to reach €210 billion in 2017.
  • Ad revenue is forecast to grow more quickly at 5% CAGR to reach €191 billion in 2017.

Broadcasters and content owners are in a race to digitise their media, not only because storing and accessing hardcopy formats is expensive but because it also unlocks the potential to monetise their existing video by making it available online.

A survey of 8,000 broadcasters in 100+ countries in July 2011 conducted by Devoncroft Partners, identified the following priorities for investment in 2012 (percentage of respondents): Project prioritisation index:
  • Install or enhance workflow / asset management system: 26%
  • Archive related projects: 22%
  • Distribute and monetise content: 18%
Projects being evaluated for purchasing:
  • Ingest / transcoding / streaming: 18%
  • Library / storage management: 15%
  • Workflow / asset management: 12%
But what about the small and medium production companies – or any organisation that doesn’t have the capital that broadcasters can muster? Won’t they all be left behind in a race to get their content digitised and online? Well thankfully we can help. is a highly scalable solution for managing and distributing audio-visual assets. Imagen can be used as a VOD platform or as an online commercial archive for your media. Imagen’s powerful access controls enable you to publish openly or to create a private resource for registered subscribers. As your archive grows simply pay extra for storage and bandwidth. You can also install onsite if you wish to take advantage of Imagen’s capacity for integration with third party systems.

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