Cloud archiving – is it for you?

A few years ago, ‘clouds’ were just fluffy things in the sky that rain came out of. And although they’re still that, when we talk about cloud these days we often mean something entirely different – systems and software that no longer lives on our desks, in our server rooms or on our networks but are out there on the net – software as a service (SaaS). Although almost all of us are using the cloud in one way or another, there is still some reluctance about using it to store archives – whether that’s fears around their safety or worries that it is too expensive. Here are some of the advantages of using systems like Imagen for cloud archiving.

Cloud for security

Some of the biggest organisations in the world (like Microsoft and Google) trust cloud systems, and there are many important and market-leading clients using Imagen. Although systems being ‘hacked’ sometimes makes tabloid news, generally any problems with security are (unfortunately) down to people like you and me using dodgy passwords or leaving the password on a post-it note. Although we can’t stop you doing that, with Imagen you can add extra security options like limiting availability by IP address so only your company has access.

Cloud for saving time

If you’re using storage and software in the cloud, then you don’t need to be involved in the nitty-gritty of buying and maintaining it. Which is especially useful if you’re a smaller business without a huge IT department. So you can spend your time actually running your business and keeping those all-important customers happy. With Imagen you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you can get to your media wherever and whenever you want – something that’s more and more important now lots of us are working remotely and using multiple devices (PCs, phones, laptops, tablets and so on).

Cloud for saving money

You can also save yourself some cash – you only pay for the amount of storage you are using,  keeping costs to a minimum. It’s easy to scale up (or down) as and when you need to. You’ll also avoid problems like equipment going out of date or becoming obsolete and you won’t need to buy extra storage ‘just in case’. If you’re using a specialist system like Imagen, you know we’re using the right type of cloud for large media files – something else you don’t need to worry about. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us to find out what Imagen can do for you.  

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