Video: the key to collaboration

For most people in the oil and gas sector, collaboration is very much top of mind these days. Is this the silver bullet that will allow us to become competitive again? How do we define collaboration? It helps to look at the BS 11000 Framework, which should become the ISO 11000 process shortly: The BS 11000 Collaborative Business Relationships is an eight stage approach to help organisations develop and manage their own approaches to working with other organisations.

  • Awareness: understanding where relationship management fits with your business objectives
  • Knowledge: understanding how others have progressed and developing your approach
  • Internal assessment: evaluating how your own organisation is positioned to collaborate
  • Partner selection: finding the right partner relationship to complement your objectives
  • Working relationship: building a joint approach focused on mutual benefit
  • Additional value creation: developing additional value from the relationship
  • Staying together: ensuring that you measure and maintain maximum benefit
  • Exit strategy: recognizing the changes both internal and external and preparing for disengagement
Communicating change As effective collaboration requires a change in culture for many companies, strength in leadership is paramount, especially when reflecting on behavioural and communication changes within the organisation. But, how do you currently communicate? Internally and externally within your collaborative eco-system? By email? Using complex and lengthy documentation? Excel? Expensive meetings? Studies have proven that video is the most effective medium to use to communicate complex ideas, help engender a culture of innovation, assist with conflict resolution and enhance Brand perception in the market. Employees are retaining 60% more information when communicated to via video vs reading lengthy documentation. The Imagen Enterprise Video Platform has been helping clients like you manage and distribute their growing video content cost-effectively. Take a look at the latest version of Imagen.

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