Customization, content management & monetization

Customisation and content management in ImagenWeb

What is ImagenWeb? ImagenWeb is the web interface 'front-end' for audio-visual archives manages with Imagen. It provides a complete environment for creating a fully customisable professional web-site to distribute your media. ImagenWeb's outward facing site is the gateway through which your customers can access the archive. For users with administrative access rights, it also provides a Control Panel for the administration of the site. What is ImagenCloud? ImagenCloud is a fully hosted version of Imagen - available as an online service. Imagen uses Microsoft's Azure cloud architecture to provide a robust, scalable platform. In what ways can I customise an ImagenWeb site?
  • Swap the theme: choose an 'out of the box' theme, or commission a new one from Imagen of your local web developer.
  • Create custom pages: add as many new pages as you like.
  • Customise menus: as easy-to-use tool lets you add and remove elements in existing menus or include entire new menu.
  • Use templates for content modification: templates are particular areas of the site, such as search results pages, home page textual content, headers and footers, left and right panels that have been externalised for easy modification.
  • Customise logos and graphics.
  • Customise players: Imagen includes a player widget for video, audio and image viewing. Modify colours, buttons, sizes, display features.
  • Add and edit other media display widgets such as carousels, collection viewers and video stills (shot list) viewers.
Can users download media from an Imagen site? Yes, if they are authorised to do so.  

Searching and Navigation

How can I find material in an Imagen archive? Searches are done from a Google-style text box and can be refined and filtered. Does Imagen support subtitles, shot lists or annotations? Yes. When Imagen is combined with Orbital, subtitles can appear in a scroll-able window next to the video and are treated as searchable metadata. Shot lists and annotations can be imported from third party systems or added manually through a client interface. Subtitles, shot lists and annotations are used to provide searchable metadata and enable the used to locate specific parts of long form video or audio. What are Collections? Users can group their selections, clips or segments under searchable logical names and keep them handy for easy access on their personal Account page. The collections can be kept private or shared. For example, a lecturer can extract a set of media to support coursework and share access to it with the students registered in the course.  


 Can I monetize my content using Imagen?
  • Publish content online if order to sell it/licence it for broadcast.
  • Set up user subscriptions for access to content.
  • Allow users to access different qualities of content depending on their permissions - for example, low-resolution watermarked content might be visible for free while premium high-resolution content requires a payment.
  • Incorporate advertising in your Imagen site.
Does Imagen support analytics? Yes, you can integrate third-party analytic code such as Google Analytics into your web-pages. Can I edit media files in Imagen? Yes, in the Web player, authorised users can make clips setting specific start and end points which can be saved in their collections. Long-form content can be segmented to create new, searchable database items - for example, a full game of football could be edited into a five-minute highlights package.

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