Designed for your Digital Future

The Devoncroft Big Broadcast Survey 2014 shows that 'Cloud Technology' is one of the highest priorities to producers and broadcasters, yet Frost and Sullivan’s own report demonstrate 'Media and Entertainment Solutions for the Cloud' as being in a Nascent state. It is so important, yet no one is doing it. Why? The market is clearly attracted by the simplicity and scale on offer but is under-served by a lack of mature solutions to align the utility of cloud computing with the requirements of the Media and Entertainment sector. Media and Entertainment companies commonly have established workflows, irregular files and metadata, requiring highly bespoke solutions.

Building bespoke

Having come from a long history of delivering custom development projects we have considerable first-hand experience of building bespoke solutions to meet existing work practices. The short-term attraction for customers is the perception that they are getting exactly what they want. This is a false economy, driving down a cul-de-sac and off a sustainable product road-map, the only thing that scales here is the cost. We have spent 3 years productizing our software and migrating our clients to a common version of our code. This has meant some uncomfortable compromises for some of our loyal customers, having to modify working practices to gain optimal utility from the technology, rather than manipulating technology to an older way of working. The benefits are clear though, a highly versatile and customizable platform with a clearly defined future. Scalability in every sense, even at a support level, all of our service staff and trained to support any of our client’s installations.

Looking ahead

To be a market leading technology, it is important to architect your solution for the next wave of platforms; look ahead, often a long way ahead. We have spent considerable time mapping out the challenges that face the industry in a year or two and focused on solving them today, specifically; how to offer our clients certainty over the security and integrity of their data, to offer new revenue streams for under-utilized content and to optimize the solution architecture to align with trends in computing. Media and Entertainment companies are by nature creating media to entertain. We do not claim to be the creative artists – we’ll leave that to you guys. It is our role to build the ultimate platform to allow you to get the most from your creative content, optimized for today and tomorrow, simple, scalable and secure; we are “Designed for your Digital Future”.   NAB  

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