Digital is no longer 'NEW', we've learnt a lot.

Imagen at SportsPro Live 2015

Last Thursday 12th March Imagen exhibited at SportsPro Live at The Emirates Stadium. As a life long West Ham fan you can imagine my disappointment when Arsenal thrashed them 3-0 on Saturday, but I did scrape the wall of the plush hospitality suite with the oversized suitcase I had to wheel about - small victories! Why was Imagen at SportsPro and did it live up to expectations? In short we were hoping to meet some clients, get some leads and test the market appetite for content preservations, organisation and exposure. Having had our system deployed by IMG and ATP it has encouraged us to believe that more sports organisations with digital content could benefit from our 25 years experience of preserving, organising and exposing some of the worlds best material (that's the sales blurb out of the way....mostly). As ever, when you meet a wide range of people, you always learn things which help suppliers like ourselves develop services for customers. In return, customers also get a better understanding of the art of the possible.

Our stand was visited by people facing very similar and familiar challenges

- What can we do now? - How much does it cost? - We only have a small team As an industry, it's worth remembering that digital has been here for many years. Solutions are becoming more accessible and cost effective. "End to end" can now be broken down and demystified. For many, the 'now' is possible without jeopardising the 'road-maps'.

My Top Takeaways from the day are more questions than answers

1. There is a lot of new digital content being created everyday. Decisions and solutions are required now. The Sports market is dominated by live production but where does this ever-growing archive go and how can you reduce internal costs and exploit 'touch it once use it many'? 2. Who owns the rights to what content and how is that content made available? The proliferation of platforms, growth of new outlets and the complex commercial deals federations are creating an ROI conundrum. If the asset is held at the highest common denominator, cascading the content down must be easier and allows the sharing of costs. 3. For many colleagues we met at SportsPro, digital content is managed by an overworked small team of people attempting to do the 'now' on social media, YouTube channels and marketing. Small tactical decisions need to be made whilst the 'big idea' is still being formulated. Aggregators could also share the costs and help build these valuable archives.

Old questions can now be answered

Sports is not unique and lessons can be learnt from other sectors. We know that assessing how much organising digital assets costs is an imprecise science, but being able to forecast a budget and prioritise to that cost is now much easier. If the archive is broken down and prioritised, the workload can be managed. Add in the opportunities of the cloud which reduce costly Capex and the 'now' is here NOW. sportspro_emirates2

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