Discoverability crucial for satisfying increased demand for sports content

Sports footage is one of the most popular and sought after products across the world and fantastically lucrative for sports federations, leagues and broadcasters alike – but fulfilling this demand represents a huge test.

Fans are inherently more demanding in their need for content than the generation before them. As media consumers, we are no longer satisfied with seeing accurate, entertaining, well-presented information. Rightly or wrongly, we now value speed of access to content almost as highly as its actual ‘quality’ and our loyalty to broadcast channels goes out the window as we look to get new content as quickly as we can. The rise of illegally streamed content and user-posted highlights on social media show the level of impatience we now have for the latest sports update.

The faster sports organisations can produce and compile content, as well as make it easily discoverable, the more engagement and value they can extract. Crucial to this discoverability is media cataloguing. Up until now, fast and effective logging of content has been an expensive and slow process – conducted largely by more resourced organisations who can afford warehouses of on-premise equipment and dedicated, centrally-located teams of loggers.

The faster sports organisations can produce and compile content, as well as make it easily discoverable, the more engagement and value they can extract.

At Imagen, we constantly strive to create media management tools that enable content owners to distribute their content as quickly as possible and make the most of its potential value. With the latest release of our software, we’ve introduced a browser-based logging tool that reduces the time it takes to catalogue and distribute content to your consumer and commercial audiences whilst significantly cutting the costs to do so. Not only that, we’ve made it really simple to use and easy to integrate into your existing workflow.

Imagen Media Logger is our professional media cataloguing tool built into our existing Imagen media management software and it allows logging teams to use a web browser to simply click or tap a customisable group of keywords on a grid to create consistent time-based media annotations. These pieces of accompanying metadata will be crucial to curating and making your content easily discoverable for your audience. Read more about the importance of video metadata here.

With the maturation of online editing and distribution solutions, online media logging represents the final step in creating an entirely cloud-based production process – designed to meet the increasing and impatient global demand for sports content.

For more information about Imagen and how it can help you improve your content distribution, request a demo or get in touch.

Fulfilling increased demand for content

This exclusive survey of rights holders and key industry professionals looks at how sports organisations are dealing with increased demand for content, changes in consumption habits and ferocious competition for audience share.

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